Flow, not an art form but a life form. A skateboarder’s understanding¬†

A few years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to the idea of flow. She is a gnarly poi spinner. I spent much time ruminating on the idea itself. I looked at my board and thought how it applies. Everything started clicking. When you’re style is surf skate you’re flowing with you’re environment being one with everything. When you’re gnarly street skate you’re flowing with you’re own wave length against every object yet with each thing’s unique vibration. You’re mind becomes completely clear with the exception of each executive action in each split second. Flow allows you to feel that everything has its own wave length and if you do some form of flow art, you can ride it. You can apply flow to anything. It is a way of living. It has helped my skating immensely. Being empty and in tune at once makes ot feel more natural and more enjoyable. The world around me as I shred through my dirty streets at top speed immediately deciding how to approach what’s in front of me has more movement and vibrancy. I encourage and skateboarders who read this to consider that when they ride. It further individuates how I look at things in the city. Flow opens more possibilities than skill alone. It makes life less daunting.  So find your gnar and shred it in flow!

Antifa explained 

‚ÄčAntifa, an explanation. Antifa is short for Anti Fascist. Following this, anyone who is communist, socialist, democrat, republican or even green party cannot be Antifa. As all of those move towards more government which is the foundation of fascism. So unless you’re libertarian or anarchist, please stop claiming antifa, otherwise you are a hypocrite. “But what about anti racists?” Well all thise other groups get my hat tip if they’re fot equality. But that doesn’t make one antifa as fascism isn’t necessarily racist or classist for that matter. It is simply the full form of statism. Which is anything that asks the power of government to step in and fix things rather than rely on the power of the people. To those on both sides of the aisle, the is how we had Obama and now Trump. Neither of the major parties are a cure as they’re both the disease of statism and march towards fascism. If you’re triggered, get over it. If you need a safe space, find it yourself. If we cannot take care of ourselves and one another without the interference of a government, then we deserve absolute subjugation. If you shut down other’s free speech, you’re a fascist. If you have a problem with ANYONE based on their gender or skin tone, you are a sexist, racist and fascist regardless of your gender identity or skin tone

Green Light on Alt-Right

Go ahead nazi scum! Antifa pride for life! We will fight you all in the streets to our last breath. My oath to defend against enemies still stands! The little snowflake wants to call nazi vigilantes to “protect from Antifa” Spread this one far and wide. Let’s show that we’re not fuckin around amd we ain’t afraid of no ghosts! They want war, let’s do it!#SHARP #antinazi #antifa #goodnightwhitepride #goodnightaltright

-Maty Almost/ C-Fish


An Open Letter to Punk Rock

Dear punk rock scene,

What in the actual fuck? I thought you believed in change and freedom. Yet when I post about the plight of Leonard Peltier or Mumia Abu Jamal (men you eductated me on) the engagement is little to none. When I make complaints about Nazis, racists and other such parasites hanging off of you, you only get mildly angry. I know we’ve lost so many and things haven’t been the same since Joe died, but we we’re fueled and angry during Bush and damned of we didn’t fight that. But you fell strangely silent during Obama. I shook you, waves smelling salts and even slapped you screaming “this is not the right change! It’s actually getting worse!” Parts of you got the idea, but most of you eas either patting the anointed leader on his delicate ass or simply comatose. Now we have literally the worst administration of your 40 plus year life and I’m waiting to see a bigger reaction. Maybe you’re getting ready for this fight since you got out of shape in the last 8 years. Maybe you really are dead and leftnus believers behind. It took me awhole to find thesenwords as I’ve been quite apoplectic. I hope this letter finds you and serves as an epi pen to get your ass of the trash covered floor. Shit is getting so sideways that you’ll look back on Reagan with fondness. So wash off the money shot you took from the DNC and realize that these public serpents are the problem as are the close minded parasites who hang around you.


Maty Almost