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Blue Tile Obsession


It matters who you are. I’m not referring to nepotism. I’m certainly not writing about drinking the cool-guy Kool Aid and all the nonsense that goes with that. I’m thinking that it matters the sort of person you are on the inside. I certainly am not the man my father is. Stoic. Sober. Self-sacrificing. I’ve become a bit of those things but it took awhile. Fifteen years ago, I took a skateboard tour on the road and completely let everyone down. My drug and alcohol use sent me to the emergency room. An agonizing flight back to California was accompanied by shame, guilt and self-loathing. There was money missing… I asked myself, “How did you spend five thousand dollars in less than two hours?” Blackout. The answer is somewhere out there. Theft? Drunk decisions? Unknown. The point is this: It matters who you are. Especially in the greater scheme of…

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