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The Politics of Failure

Hi Jeff Ott here. I wanted to talk to you about some of the ethical and political considerations of punk rock music. I got into this scene thing in around 1983. I was 12 and a half at the time. By that time Maximum Rock and Roll generally, and Tim Yohannon specifically had a kind of stranglehold on what could and what could not be considered punk. The basic thinking as far as I could tell at the time was that because the rock stars of the 70s and 80s were so decadent and arrogant and pompous that we shouldn’t be anything like them. As time went on the ideology developed into the ramifications of the record industry being tied into the defense industry and other bad things. Eventually the mere possibility of breaking even on a band or doing a record with any non-MRR approved record labels was almost completely taboo, selling out and treason against the scene.

In the early Nineties it became very clear that mainstream media was going to start signing punk rock bands and present it like it’s the new thing. As it started happening we fully engaged the debate as to whether or not it should happen without really looking at the fact that it wasn’t in our power to stop it. Some of my friend’s bands went to major labels. I had already bought the MRR ideology hook, line and sinker but the fact that it was my friends afforded me the space to see if I thought it was wrong or not. The first thing that I noticed that nobody had an argument against was the fact that if Green Day wasn’t on MTV and wasn’t selling tons of CDs then it would most certainly be some other band. Our refusal to work with the major labels would basically have no effect on whether or not those corporations (and their defense industry buddies) made money. MRR threw the idea out over and over, if you just don’t do business with them then they won’t make any money off of you. So what, they will make as much money whether it’s you or the New Kids On The Block.

As time went on some of my friend’s bands did a handful of benefits for local radical and activist organizations. These produced huge amounts of money. Six Figures. My whole concept of doing lots of benefit shows that would raise about 100-200 each started to look pretty sad. One of the benefit shows Green Day did made about 35,000 dollars for San Francisco Food Not Bombs. Lotta money right? Wrong. It didn’t even cover their current lawyer bills. They had tons of cases against them for serving food. One of the main organizers Keith Machinery had a three strikes charge against him for serving food. It started to occur to me that it was much more important to provide lawyers, keep the meals going, and to build infrastructure for future revolutionary movements than t was to obey Tim Yohannon. Punk Rock always like to claim that it was revolutionary and against the system but it consistently fell short. It could criticize the system but it always was and is too chicken to actually confront the system and to attack the system. As I got older the whole idea of having an anti-establishment identity, but not actually doing anything got really old. At this point in my life I read an article about what Rage Against the Machine was doing with the money they were making. They were funding real shit. Zapatistas and Mumia’s defense. Yeah we were pure, but they were getting the job done and we were just hot air. As I got more involved in organizing it really dawned on me that actual revolution is going to take a lot of people, a lot of money and a lot of work. The whole idea of following Tim Yohannons line of thinking stopped making sense. I began to view it as deciding to fail. I have kids so I can’t afford to fail. I can’t afford the consequences of letting corporate/government control of everything going unchallenged. As I got even older and started having responsibilities like feeding my kids I noticed another flaw in the idea that bands shouldn’t make money. I couldn’t afford to do a band anymore. According to the rules of MRR everyone in the world should have a living wage but if you’re in a band you shouldn’t even make minimum wage. If I even got minimum wage for every hour I put into Fifteen I would own my own home by now. Instead I lived in doorways. That’s real solidarity with the workers huh?

So lastly I wanted to bring up all the things that we wouldn’t have if the MRR ideology was universally accepted. We would have lost a major piece of the movement against the Viet Nam war. Major Label bands played a very large role in stopping the worlds largest empire from destroying the people of Viet Nam. What do we have to point to, well we have argued about Green Day and bar codes until we were all blue in the face.

Lately I took my daughter to see one of her favorite bands Everclear. They are on a major label. I have abandoned my daughter for about 3/4s of her life. Lots of men do that. The band Everclear has a song called Father of Mine. It’s about the guy’s dad leaving him and his mom at the age of ten and how much it hurt him. When we went to see Everclear they played that song and my daughter and I had what is clearly one of the most important experiences of my life. I realized that not only did that major label band play an integral part of healing my relationship with my daughter, they are probably the first people to give a huge number of kids permission and space to rightfully place blame for all the pain they feel on the parent who caused that pain. This is infinitely more important than how much we hate bar codes. Lastly is the argument that major labels are buying up rebellion to present it in a safe way. I haven’t really seen more than a couple of punk rock bands that do anything but talk and pose.

So I guess what IM trying to say is instead of slagging all the nonpolitical bands for being on major labels, maybe we should be slagging the political bands for not being on major labels.

Why Jake Sayles, Kamala Parks, Jagger Bredahl, Cassandra Milispaugh Shoshana Wheaton, and Clayton McBride should eat shit.

On October 4th, 1998 the above mentioned individuals distributed the following flyer at a Fifteen show in People’s Park in Berkeley California. I will go through this point by point.

The text of their original flyer appears in bold print.

Why You Should Question Jeff Ott? – Jeff is a traitor to alternative lifestyles and has become a born-again Christian.

Traitor? Alternative lifestyles? Born again Christian? If you guys would of put that one last maybe somebody would have taken you seriously. First of all, I am not any kind of Christian. I have NEVER attended any church service ever. I have never been baptized. I have never accepted anyone as my personal savior. My spirituality is centered on my knowing that I am part of an organism called earth. That’s about it. Furthermore, saying that someone is guilty of something because of his or her faith is bigoted bullshit. Not particularly different from the homophobia you accuse me of.

As far as a traitor to the alternative lifestyles goes, I guess so. I don’t thinks it’s OK to have NON-CONSENSUAL sex with drugged children. People throw around words like alternative all the time. Having an identity is fine but it accomplishes nothing by it’s self. I work towards revolution almost every fucking day. I run my own needle exchange program in Sonoma county, I generate funds and buy/distribute sleeping bags, socks and vitamins to homeless people, I am a community health worker in Petaluma (I educate young people about HIV, Hepatitis, proper condom usage, safe needle use, etc.), I work at a homeless shelter, I (since I moved to Sonoma County) have been working towards the establishment of civilian police review and justice for the families of the 18 people killed by police since I’ve moved here.

He has manipulated women and young girls into supporting him financially and sexually.

Absolutely true. Not in the last seven years of course, but this isn’t about what’s going on now, it’s about employee’s of the Press trying to defend/avenge their BOSS. I have been monogamous for three years with the woman I have been married to for almost two years. I financially support both my wife, our daughter and I pay child support to my older daughter’s mother. I have been supporting these people for years now. I do this by working between 2-3 jobs (usually 2) on average about 60 hours a week. That is on top of the political work I do for free.

He has been living in hypocrisy for many years. He has gotten Jux Beck in prison for lessor crimes than Jeff himself has committed and admitted to (see My World Zine) and never served any time for his crimes.

Lesser crimes my ass. I raped one woman (my own age, and once again 10 years ago) and started to do the same thing to another. Served time? No. I sought out and found one of the two women that I did those things to and successfully made amends to her. What does that mean? It means that I apologized and offered to do whatever she thought would set straight my actions (i.e. money for therapy, etc.). The other woman I have not found yet. Jux on the other hand has a well-defined pattern (stretching at least ten years) of intentionally getting people loaded and raping or taking advantage of them. These people are basically all about 20 years younger than him. The man is a SEXUAL PREDATOR who preys on children. So to say the two different scenarios are the same you’d have to be pretty stupid, or (once again) defending your BOSS.

He has misrepresented “victims” of Jux Beck in e-mails sent out all over the country.

Bullshit. They have one kid Jagger, who claims that Jux never did anything to him. Previously he told his friends that he had to wrestle Jux off of him. Additionally a third party saw Jux trying to do things to Jagger and a girl at a party. I talked to the girl and she told me that that did happen to her. I did not talk to Jagger about it. Defending one’s perpetrator is pretty common, go check out a domestic violence court sometime if that sounds too weird to you. People who associate with Jux and the presses love to point to the kid who made the initial accusation against Jux, saying that he took it all back. I was told by that kid that he didn’t want to have to talk to people about it anymore, he told me in the same conversation exactly what happened to him and it fits exactly the California Penal Code definition of rape. Furthermore friends of some of the victims have told me they have been harassed by Jake Sayles because of their actions against Jux (Also, as far as “misrepresenting” victims goes, after handing out these flyers Cassandra Millspaugh asked me to get her in touch with some of the victims, because she didn’t know if any of the accusations are true or not. If you don’t really know, what the fuck are you doing defending his sick ass?)

In his quest to get Jux Beck into prison, Jeff has advocated violence against him in e-mails by claiming that any action short of murder would be justified. In these e-mails, he also printed Jux’s home address and license plate numbers. His false claims of Jux’s sexual deviations coupled with there e-mails has put Jux and his housemates / friends in danger as well.

I didn’t say any action short of murder would be justified. I said I would support any action short of murder. If one of the kids whose life has been ruined by Jux wants to kill him, that’s just fine with me, but I don’t want to have anything to do with it. Once again I have never struck another person (with the exception of my brother once when I was 4). I sure did print his home address and licensee plate numbers; I also gave some of the kids he hurt wanted posters to put up in Jux’s neighborhood. The way I see it the more people who know who Jux is and what he does, the safer the rest of us are. So since you were in so much danger what the fuck ever happened to you? Your house got tagged a couple of times? How scary. That’s much worse than coming out of a black out and finding a man twice your age anally rapping you. Huh?

Also, at Lucky Dog’s funeral Lenny (Filth) told a mutual friend that I should stop doing what I was doing because people at the (I’m unclear on whether “at the presses” meant employee’s residents, or people who just hang out there) presses were talking about getting guns and ski masks and finding me in Santa Rosa. Nice try on playing the “were so oppressed and peaceful” game. Unless you’re saying Lenny is a lair (which I don’t think is the case).

Jeff claimed he would leave Jux alone and not write anymore e-mails as long as Jux attended counseling sessions for victims of sexual abuse. Even though Jux attended these sessions and voluntarily ended his friendships with adolescents, Jeff continued, against his word, to persecute Jux and falsely accuse him of molesting young boys.

Actually Jux agreed to also stop sexually assaulting young people. He continued. He broke the agreement not me. I got confirmation from a young woman that he had done something to her.

He continues to pursue Jux Beck while he serves his term in prison, attempting to subvert the plea bargain that was agreed to by Jux’s lawyer and the District Attorney. Jeff pursued Jux through authoritarian channels yet refuses to accept the punishment imposed on Jux by the law.

This one’s so far from reality it must have been intentionally made up. I wanted the whole time for Jux to take a plea. That means kid’s don’t have to be retraumatized in court. Did I try to disrupt the plea agreement? Nope. They’re just pissed because the Judge doesn’t like the deal offered (the judge doesn’t have to sentence according to the deal, it’s basically just a recommendation.). Maybe they can find a way I swayed the Judge too huh? Let’s count them. According to this flyer and other statements by Jux ‘s defenders I have:
1. Gotten kids to lie about being molested.
2. Gotten the police to believe said lies and arrest Jux.
3. Gotten the DA fooled also, and I get to tell the DA whether or not the Plea agreement is OK with me.
4. Gotten the Judge to change his mind also.
5. Gotten police in Southern California to lie and put Jux in their computer, identifying him as a suspect in the molestation of three kids (ten years ago before I ever knew Jux).

This is getting just a little ridiculous. If I had this kind of power, Jux is the last person I would be going after. Just for the record I have never talked to the DA of this case, I have only called the DA’s office to find out upcoming court dates. I have never talked to the Judge of this case in my life. The cops in Berkeley specifically don’t like me personally.

Jux, contrary to Jeff’s claims, has not been found guilty of raping anyone. Rather, he’s in prison for a mutually consensual sexual relationship with a minor.

I never claimed he was found guilty, I claimed and still do claim that he IS guilty. He was charged with violating a minor sexually. None of the people writing this crap have bothered to talk to that kid (who filed charges) about it. –

Jeff has basically ruined Jux’s life.

Finally a little bit of truth.The way I ruined his life is probably a better deal than the way he has ruined 20 lives that I know of so far. Jux will probably serve 1-2 years in jail. That’s a much better deal than living with being abused the rest of your life at least 20 times over. It’s probably better than the way his life would be ruined if somebody’s parents found out and killed him, don’t you think? What goes around comes around.

We think it’s time for Jeff Ott to stop his pursuit of Jux Beck

I haven’t done anything to or about Jux for months and months, but when consequences finally come his way his employee’s will sure try to make it look like I have.

This pamphlet was prepared by Jake Sayles, Kamala Parks, Jagger Bredahl, Cassandra Milispaugh, Shoshana Wheaton, and Clayton McBride. (PS – Shoshana, I wasn’t really passed out when you tried to fuck Jack next to me. It must suck not having the capacity to be honest, huh?)

A Little Bit More About Jux. (and MRR)

Back a year or two ago I started dealing with Jux. The first thing I did was end up on a committee established by the membership of 924 Gilman. When things got too personal for my tastes (Jux tried to sexually assault a very close friend of mine) I quit the committee and started sending emails to every punk I could find on the Internet. At the very next membership meeting Jux showed up in a rage, and threatened the officers of the club (my wife was present also) by saying “I’m going to get Tim Yohannon to deal with all of this. Low and behold the very next issue of MRR has a column by Tim warning people to watch out for myself and the club and “our” MacCarthyistic tactics. I was starting to get an image of Jux wielding Tim Yohannon around on a leash.

Tim had recently devoted an entire issue of MRR to presenting Lookout! Records and Lawrence in particular as the rough equivalent of the anti-christ (Larry’s crime? Failing to put a record out). I wrote a letter to MRR to defend myself and to point out that Tim was at least as MacCarthyistic as I could ever hope to be. It was sort of a surprise to me to find out that he refused to print my letter. It seemed like MRR had always let people at least reply to accusations made against them. So I sent the letter to Punk Planet who promptly printed it. The letter didn’t even name Jux.

In the next issue of Punk Planet and MRR there was a reply from Jux in the letters section. His letter basically said how I’m the actual rapist and how he never did anything to anybody (although he did apologize to unnamed people in the same letter). I thought this was sort of a funny statement considering I knew he would soon either plead guilty or be found guilty of a sex crime done to a minor. I proceeded to send a letter of reply to both Punk Planet and MRR, as usual punk planet printed it and MRR didn’t. I began a dialog with Ikki at MRR as to why the letter wasn’t printed. Jux’s letter made accusations against me that were provably false. Ikki told me he would look into it and talk to the collective about it. Because he was very new to the magazine I ended up dealing with Jacqueline instead. She and I talked quite a bit over a period of weeks. I tried to make it clear that journalistic responsibility means letting a person respond to accusations. I tried to get her to understand that not only did they print a libelous letter, but the author was listed as a “worker” in that issue and also had a paid ad in that issue. I tried to explain to her that it would be pretty easy to sue MRR. It wasn’t just a letter, it was the opinion of a worker at the zine for which they are directly responsible. So anyway, it became clear no letter would be printed. Next thing I know Jux was picked up by the police and charged with three counts of felony sexual assault.

I then requested that MRR at least let me send in an update, since the nature of the accusations made against me were that I was a liar and nothing I said about Jux was true. I figured that him being charged should significantly offset Jux’s prior statements. When Jacqueline finally got back to me the last time all she had to say was that somebody named Timojen thought my information was sketchy and so they couldn’t print anything by me (they never talked to any of Jux’s accusers). Then she went on to tell me that the magazine had decided not to print anything about Jux at all. That’s pretty convenient considering they have tried to promote Jux’s innocence since the word go (presumably due to Tim Yohannon’s long-standing friendship with Jux) all the way until it was obvious that Jux was going to get caught. At which point they stick their head up their ass and pretend nothing ever happened.

During our conversations Jacqueline stated that she was concerned about not re-traumatizing Jux’s victims by defending Jux. Well guess what Jacqueline, that’s exactly what you did. So what can I say? I don’t know, Tim’s dead and MRR’s stranglehold on the scene is waning, as it should be. Timojen, smells like contempt prior to investigation and personalities over principals to me.


Over 1998 I worked at a recycling center for about nine months. Here’s what I learned:
1. Only buy glass. When aluminum and plastic are melted down you lose a lot of the material in the form of fumes and smoke. When you melt down glass you lose almost nothing. Additionally the more people use glass, the more likely it is that stores will go back to washing and reusing bottles, which takes even less energy than recycling them.
2. Plastic isn’t really recyclable. You can turn some plastics into harder plastics, but you can’t turn the harder plastics into much of anything. Easy solution – don’t buy plastic.
3. Aluminum isn’t recycled into cans. When you put your aluminum cans in the recycle, they get smashed into blocks and then they get sent to Asia where they are melted down and made into car engines. Therefore every time you drink soda/beer from a can, the can is made out of virgin materials. That means they cut up a mountain and used a whole slew of toxic chemicals to separate the ore from the earth. Simple solution – don’t use cans.
4. Paper is recyclable. It seems like most people only recycle their newspaper. You can recycle colored paper, newsprint, cardboard, blueprints, magazines, etc. Basically everything.
5. Here’s a list of other things that you can recycle. Brass, Copper, Scrap Aluminum, Lithoplate, Xerox cylinders, Steel. If you live in a small town they might take all of these things, but if you live in a big town there is probably a place that will.
6. There’s a lot of pretty severe alcoholics working at recycling centers.
7. There’s a big section of hell set aside for people who put things like dirty diapers and vomit in their bags of recycle.
8. Most counties have a recycling hotline, so if your recycling center doesn’t take certain things call up the hotline and find out who does.

Interview with Vanessa

Vanessa is my Daughter; she showed me this place on the Internet where you can download this free software so you can talk (IM) to people with AOL. Once I got the software installed we did this interview.

Vanessa: hi
Jeff: question #1) what’s your age and what grade are you in?
Vanessa: I am 12 and I am in 7th grade
Jeff: #2) Does your school teach you about HIV/Aids?
Vanessa: well we haven’t had any formal training no
Jeff: Do you think they should teach you about it?
Vanessa: of course it is something that can effect anyone
Vanessa: and as long as people aren’t educated about it then it will continue to be a almost completely preventable disease
Jeff: ok, #3, have you ever learned about the Black Panther Party or the American Indian Movement in history class?
Vanessa: no but I did learn a little by watching forest gump
Jeff: cool, #4 has a teacher ever taught you about domestic violence?
Vanessa: no we have learned a little about it from this program called G.R.E.A.T
Jeff: what was great about?
Vanessa: it was a program that stood for gang resistance education and training
Vanessa: it thought us different ways to react in situations
Jeff: oh, #5, has any of your teachers ever taught you about the women’s movement? Vanessa: no I believe we are going to learn about that next year
Jeff: good, #6, what do you do with your free time?
Vanessa: well I do tae kwon do and I like volleyball and basketball and I love listening to music and I guess I travel with my grandmother and well talk to you
Vanessa: use the Internet
Vanessa: talk on the phone
Vanessa: and well if I have time rest
Jeff: all right, #8, What do you think about animal testing?
Vanessa: I am really against it I have written letters to companies and stopped using products that use animal testing because I think they should find some other way to test products with out hurting defenseless animals because who says that we are any higher up then them and
Vanessa: I mean what if we are one of those little rats or bunnies in our next life time
Jeff: Are you against testing on the people who own the companies?
Vanessa: I think that they might deserve to be tortured just to see how it feels
Jeff: cool, #9, should kids get to vote?
Vanessa: I think that kids should have the right to vote if they can show they have the knowledge on the issues in fact I think part of school should be learning about politics and what has gone wrong in the past and how to improve the system so that the future generations will have a better government and the scandals and evilness we associate with politicians will no longer be
Jeff: do you think that adults should have to prove they have knowledge of an issue before they can vote also?
Vanessa: of course
Vanessa: I think that an uneducated adult shouldn’t be more privileged then a child just because they are older we are citizen of this country just as much as they are
Vanessa: hey on the side my mom thinks that grace looks like me
Jeff: (her hair is turning reddish)
Jeff: #10, should kids get to run for office?
Vanessa: I don’t think that we should have a child for president but definitely in some offices
Jeff: cool, #11, whose face do you think should be on the 1$ bill?
Vanessa: Billy Joe’s
Jeff: right on, #12 have you ever had a teacher at school talk about gay/lesbian/bisexual people?
Vanessa: nope
Jeff: do you think they should talk about stuff like that?
Vanessa: I don’t know why it might come up later in sex Ed though
Jeff: ok, #12, has a teacher ever talked about medical marijuana?
Vanessa: no Vanessa: I personally think it has its ups and downs though
Vanessa: for example it could damage your brain but if you have a thing like aids it could make you live longer because it makes you hungry
Jeff: that’s right Vanessa: I think if you aren’t gonna live to long anyways then it is a good way to add a little while on to your life
Jeff: yep Jeff: ok, #13, do you believe that people have really been on the moon?
Vanessa: well yea
Jeff: #14, who do you think should be fired?
Vanessa: fired from what?
Jeff: a job
Vanessa: just in general?
Jeff: yes
Vanessa: hmmm this is a tough question
Vanessa: well
Jeff: we’ll get back to that one, #15 are there any redwood trees in Redwood City?
Vanessa: hehe yea
Jeff: ok, #16, if you won the lottery what would you buy?
Vanessa: I would buy a house and a car I suppose and some furniture and save about some and then I would give the rest to a charity most likely a charity to help the homeless and starving people
Vanessa: I wouldn’t be like bill gates and keep it all
Jeff: glad to hear it. #17, how do computers influence your life?
Vanessa: well they make my life easier Vanessa: in ways
Vanessa: they are fun to use to talk online and stuff
Jeff: 0k, #18, how does Tie Kwan Do influence your life?
Vanessa: ok it is tae kwon do most people cant even come to close so don’t feel bad
Jeff: I tried
Vanessa: well first it gives me lots of self esteem and it helps me realize if I push my self to above my limit I don’t really have a limit and I can do anything
Jeff: could you beat up most of the boys in your grade?
Vanessa: oh yea not most all of them
Jeff: do you know anybody who has AIDS?
Vanessa: well (blank)
Jeff: is (blank) a friend of yours?
Vanessa: I don’t really know her all that well but I have met her
Vanessa: she is (blank) friend (blank) lil sister
Jeff: oh yeah. back to that one question, who do you think should be fired?
Vanessa: I have also volunteered in a homeless shelter
Vanessa: hmm
Jeff: where did you do that?
Vanessa: it was in Berkeley
Vanessa: it was a homeless shelter for people with aids
Jeff: oh, did you learn anything there?
Vanessa: it was rather depressing
Jeff: I bet. so……. who should be fired?
Vanessa: because I thought there seemed so smart and nice and to think they would die it was just depressing
Jeff: yeah
Jeff: what do you think about god and churches and stuff like that?
Vanessa: I think there might be a god but I think it is silly how people worship him church is like a cult
Jeff: do you think Bill Clinton bombed Afghanistan and Sudan just to make the scandal go away?
Vanessa: he bombed them?
Jeff: yes he did a couple of weeks ago
Vanessa: I don’t think that under normal conditions he would have done anything like that
Jeff: do you think he should be fired?
Vanessa: because of the scandal? or the bombings?
Jeff: either Vanessa: well maybe for the bombings but not for the whole Monica thing that is between him and his wife-
Jeff: do you think god is a “him”?
Vanessa: I don’t think god is a being
Vanessa: that is if there is one

A Little Info I Learned While Working With Needle Users, Prostitutes and Runaways (or, how to avoid death and having your genitals fall off).


1. Hepatitis A
How it is spread – Fecal to Oral. For example, someone uses bathroom and doesn’t wash his/her hands, then serves you food. The germ would travel from that persons feces to their hands to your food or plate to your mouth. OR Any sexual contact between mouth and anus or finger/penis/sex toy to anus and then to mouth. It can also be spread by contaminated water.
Symptoms – Fatigue, Light Stool, Dark Urine, jaundice, Mild Fever, Cigarettes taste bad. Symptoms last short time (4-6 weeks). There may be no symptoms.
Treatment – The Vaccine (Gamma Globulin) should be taken within 72 hours of exposure. Hepatitis A almost never turns into long term chronic sickness.
Prevention – Get vaccinated if you regularly engage in at risk behavior. Always wash hands after having a bowel movement, contact with feces, changing diapers or contact with changing tables. If you engage in any sexual activity that includes mouth to anus contact, please use a dental dam or Saran wrap. If you engage in any activity that involves anal penetration (fingers, penis, dildo, toes, etc.) please put a condom on the object and remove the condom from the object before any oral contact with the object.

2. Hepatitis B
How it is spread. – Blood to Blood. Such as sharing unbleached needles. Sharing toothbrushes or razors. Contact between an open cut and some other persons blood. Also blood transfusions before 1972 are a possible risk of transmission. Contact with Bodily Fluids. Sexual or non-sexual contact with the blood, semen, vaginal secretions, urine, saliva or mucous of an infected person can infect you. Being bitten by an infected person can infect you. Infected Equipment to Blood. Such as shared needles, unclean tattooing and piercing equipment. Mother to Child. Transmission can occur at the time of birth.
Symptoms – Fatigue, Light Stool, Dark Urine, Jaundice, Fever, Mild Flu like Symptoms. There may be no symptoms. Can cause liver cell damage, sometimes leading to cirrhosis and liver cancer and even death.
Treatment – Interferon injections are effective in up to half of those treated.
Prevention – Get vaccinated if you regularly engage in at risk behavior. If you have already tested positive for Hepatitis B antibodies you are naturally protected from getting it again. Try to avoid sharing needles. If you have to share, please clean all your needles and works in between uses. Practice safe sexual practices. Don’t share toothbrushes or razors. Avoid being bitten by another person. When getting tattooed or pierced ask about their sterilization practices and ask to see an autoclave (autoclaves sterilize metal instruments with very high temperatures).

3. Hepatitis C
A special note on Hepatitis C: Because Hepatitis C can take 20 or even 30 years for symptoms to show up, it has spread to the vast majority of needle users before we even knew it existed. We very seriously encourage anyone who has shared a needle or slept with someone who has or anyone shared snorting straws to get a test for Hepatitis C. Some researchers are estimating that as many as 90-95% of past and present IV drug users are positive for Hepatitis C. This disease can be eating away your liver before you even have noticeable symptoms. The sooner you find out you have it the longer you have and the more options exist to potentially beat this disease.
How it is spread – Blood to Blood. Such as blood transfusion before 1990. Sharing needles with an infected person (infected people may show no symptoms). Receiving a tattoo or piercing from non-sterilized equipment. Sharing razors or toothbrushes. Also sharing the straws used to snort drugs can pass Hepatitis C from one person to another. Sexual Contact. Hepatitis C can be transmitted by sexual contact. It is not as likely as Hep B, but because there is no cure, avoiding transmission is very important. Mother to Baby. Hepatitis C can be passed from a mother to a newborn at birth, although this is fairly rare.
Symptoms – Fatigue, Light Stool, Dark Urine, Jaundice, Fever, Mild flu like symptoms. Can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer, liver failure and death. In some cases people infected with Hepatitis C show no symptoms for 20 years or more even though liver damage is happening. This is why it is important to get tested for Hepatitis C if you have ever shared needles or had sex with someone who has.
Treatment – There is currently no cure or vaccine for hepatitis C, however, Interferon injections are effective in reducing the amount of the virus in a person in about 15% of those treated.
Prevention – Don’t share needles and works. If you have to, clean needles and let the bleach sit in the needle for 2 minutes. Practice safe sex. Don’t share razors or toothbrushes. If you have had a blood transfusion before 1990 get tested. If you get tattooed or pierced make sure they use sterile equipment and ask to see an autoclave.

4. HIV
How it is spread – Blood to Blood. Such as Sharing needles. Theoretically could include sharing straws used to snort drugs. Sexual Contact. Any kind of unprotected sexual contact that connects blood or semen or a sore or a cut together, including oral, vaginal and anal sex. Symptoms – General breakdown of the immune systems ability to deal with common diseases and infections. Constant reoccurring infections or diseases.
Treatment – There is currently no cure or vaccine. There are an array of drugs and combinations of drugs that don’t eliminate the virus altogether but reduce it’s numbers and ability to suppress the immune system.
Prevention – Practice safe sex. Use condoms, gloves and dental dams. When you shoot drugs, try to use your own needles, water, cotton, water container, cooker and spoon. If you have to share works with somebody, clean them before and after you use them.


1. Cotton Fever
How it is spread. Cotton Fever happens when you shoot dope and a little piece of the cotton or cigarette filter (with bacteria on it) gets into your blood.
Symptoms – Fever, chills, flu-like symptoms, feels terrible. Similar to being dope sick.
Treatment – Go to a doctor, clinic or emergency room and get antibiotics.
Prevention – Use clean cotton every time you inject. Do not reuse cottons. Regularly clean your needles, cookers and spoons even if you don’t share them. Don’t use polyester cotton or cigarette filters. Also once you have used a piece of cotton throw it away in a place (like a toilet) where others won’t be tempted to try and get a hit out of it.

2. Wound Botulism
How it is spread. Wound Botulism is very rare but very serious. It is usually acquired from muscle shooting (skin or muscle popping) contaminated Mexican tar heroin.
Symptoms – It affects nerves. First, drooping eyelids, blurred or double vision, dry sore throat. Then shortness of breath, slurred speech, paralysis, loss of muscle control.
Treatment – Go to hospital IMMEDIATELY and tell them you suspect you have wound botulism. The longer you wait the greater your chances of death or permanent disability.
Prevention – Avoid muscle or skin popping Mexican tar heroin. Avoid licking your needle before injecting.

3. Endocarditis
How it is spread. You get Endocarditis from picking up a bacteria when injecting.
Symptoms – Fever, Tiredness, Lousy Feeling, Headaches, Night-Sweats and chest pains. Treatment – If you have these symptoms and they don’t go away go to a doctor hospital or clinic right away. They can test your blood for Endocarditis and if you have it you need to receive intravenous antibiotics.
Prevention – Don’t reuse even your own needles. Clean your skin on the injection site before and after injection with soap and water, and with alcohol pads. Use clean water, cotton and cookers.

4. Abscesses
How it is spread – Abscesses happen when bacteria from your needle, drugs, works or skin get inside you when you skin or muscle pop, or miss a vein.
Symptoms – Abscesses normally start out as hard reddish lump at or near the injection site. It might feel warm and it might hurt. Later skin around the lump will get pink and puffy. Also it might develop red streaks spreading out from the abscess.
Treatment – If the lump is only a few days old and if there is NO red streaks,NO fever and NO tiredness, then try soaking the abscess in hot salty water (or hot washcloth). Soak the abscess at least 3-4 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time. If the lump hasn’t improved within 5 days, or if you see red streaks, or if the area around the lump is pink and puffy or hot, or if you feel tired or have chest pains then go to doctor, clinic or hospital immediately. NEVER SHOOT IN OR NEAR AN ABSCESS. NEVER SQUEEZE OR CUT INTO AN ABSCESS.
Prevention – Try to use a new needle every time time you inject. Always use clean cookers, water and cotton. Wash your hands and injection site with soap and water before shooting. Wipe the injection site with alcohol wipes before and after you shoot. Don’t skin pop or shoot into a muscle. Don’t shoot where two veins come merge. When you shoot, take your time and find a good vein.

5. Flesh Eating Bacteria
How it is spread – It is spread by infected needles, dope or cookers.
Symptoms – It starts like an abscess but it grows very quickly, within hours. It feels hot and puffy and red, and it shows red streaks and is painful. This can take large portions of flesh, a limb or even your life it is not treated immediately.
Treatment – If you suspect you have the flesh eating bacteria go to a hospital immediately. Do not try to treat it yourself.
Prevention – Don’t share needles, water, cotton, cookers, spoons, etc. Sharing Needles 3x water 3x bleach(let it sit 1 minute) 3x water If you have to share a needle with somebody please take the following steps.
1. Suck water into the needle, all the way up to the top. Squirt the water out. (Repeat 2 more times)
4. Suck bleach into the needle, all the way up to the top. Let it sit for 3 minutes. Squirt it out. (Repeat 2x)
1. Suck water into the needle, all the way up to the top. Squirt the water out. (Repeat 2 more times) Please never share water, spoons, cookers or cotton.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

You can have any of these diseases and not have any symptoms. If you suspect you have been infected by somebody, get tested. If you show up positive, please tell who ever you have slept with since you got infected.

How it is spread – Sexual Contact. Chlamydia is spread by having vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone infected with Chlamydia.
Symptoms – Women. Bleeding between periods. Vaginal discharge. Burning when you pee. Pain in abdomen. Transmission from mother to child is possible during childbirth. Men. Watery, white or yellow drip from penis. Burning when you pee. If Chlamydia goes untreated it could cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, reproductive organ damage and even sterility.
Treatment – Go to a doctor, clinic or hospital and get antibiotics.
Prevention – Practice Safe Sex.

Genital Warts
How it is spread – Sexual contact. Genital Warts are spread by vaginal, anal or oral sex with a person infected by Genital Warts.
Symptoms – Small bumpy warts on sex organs and anus. Itching and burning around the sex organs. After the warts go away, the virus stays in the body and the warts may come back. There is no cure for Genital Warts.
Treatment – Individual warts can be burned off with a laser or frozen off by a doctor or at a clinic.
Prevention – Practice Safe Sex.

How it is spread – Sexual Contact. Gonorrhea is spread by vaginal, anal or oral sex with a person infected by Gonorrhea.
Symptoms – Women. Thick white or yellow discharge from vagina. Burning or pain during urination or bowel movements. Abnormal periods or bleeding between periods. Cramps or pain in the lower abdomen. Men. Thick yellow or white drip from the penis. Burning or pain during urination or bowel movements. Increase in urination. If untreated for too long it can cause heart trouble, skin disease, arthritis and blindness.
Treatment – Go to a doctor, hospital or clinic and get antibiotics.
Prevention – Practice Safe Sex.

How it is spread – Sexual Contact. Herpes is spread by vaginal, anal or oral sex with a person infected with Herpes.
Symptoms – Flu-like feelings. Small, painful blisters on the sex organs or mouth. Itching or burning before the blisters appear. There is no cure for herpes, even when the blisters go away they may come back at any time. Herpes can be transmitted from a mother to a newborn at the time of birth.
Treatment – Go to a doctor, clinic or hospital and get antibiotics
Prevention – Practice Safe Sex.

How it is spread – Sexual Contact. Syphilis is spread by having vaginal, anal or oral sex with a person infected with Syphilis. It can also be spread to a newborn during childbirth.
Symptoms – The symptoms come in two stages: Stage 1. Painless, reddish-brown sore or sores on mouth, sex organs, breasts or fingers. Sore(s) lasts 1-5 weeks. 2nd Stage. A rash anywhere on the body. Flu-like feelings. If left untreated too long it can cause miscarriages, heart disease, brain damage, blindness, and death.
Treatment – Go to a doctor, hospital or clinic and get antibiotics.
Prevention – Practice Safe Sex.

How it is spread – Sexual Contact. Vaginitis can be spread through vaginal, anal or oral sex.
Symptoms – Itching, burning or pain in the vagina. More discharge from the vagina than normal. Discharge smells and/or looks different. Men can get infections in the penis, prostate gland or urethra.
Treatment – Go to a doctor, clinic or hospital and get cream to treat it with.
Prevention – Practice Safe Sex.

How to use a condom
1. Use a new LATEX condom before each sex act (make sure the condom is not past the expiration date).
2. Squeeze tip of condom to remove air (Excess air could cause condom to break or could cause semen to spill out the sides of the condom). Also you may want to put some water based lubricant in the condom to increase sensitivity.
3. When penis is hard (before any sexual contact), place condom on tip and roll down all the way.
4. After coming (ejaculation) grab the base of the condom and withdrawal before the penis gets soft (to avoid leakage).
5. Avoid further sexual contact with your partner until both of you wash your sex organs and any other areas that came into contact with bodily fluids.
7. Never reuse a condom. Never use an oil based lubricant. Don’t expose condoms to sun and heat. Check the expiration date to make sure the condom is still good.

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