Punk Politics #9

This one’s for the anarchists. So to define real quick. Anarchism is a complete absence of centralized government. So there would be no cops, no borders, no nation, no military or politicians from local municipalities all the up to the president. Now, I like this idea. Why then, are there so many who claim anarchism holding hands with socialists and communists or feeling the Bern. All of these believe in a strong central government which is clearly the opposite of anarchism. And if you’re an anarchist and helping build a stronger state then you are commiting suicide because somewhere down the line your beliefs will run afoul of the state apparatus. Sure, on a personal level you may have friends who march at protests with you that veer red instead of black, but ideologically when everyone truly understands what each view is about, it draws a line in the sand. Anarchism is allowing all to simply live by natural law. Don’t hurt people and don’t tale their stuff. Beyond that, do and say whatever the hell ya want. The 2 main parties and the socialists aren’t just gonna let ya live how ya feel most free. Socialism is statism and therefore not compatible with anarchism.

-C Fish

3 thoughts on “Punk Politics #9

  1. Part of it certainly has to do with the fact that many of the great anarchist thinkers tend to envision a world centered on a full erasure of illegitimate power structures. While this leads many to rag on the State, it also puts a target on any non-free agreement, most notably that of landowner or manager over worker. Because socialism is ALL about empowering the worker to seize the means of production, there is the shared goal of taking away illegitimate power from the corporate and political elite under capitalism.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally disagreeing with you. The next phase for guys like Kropotkin or Bakunin is the creation of free-agreement cooperatives of worker control, which is really unlike any “state socialist” ideology. So while I agree that they have different ends in mind, the problem at the forefront for both groups is the dismantling of capitalism. And in that venture, from the anarchists I’ve met, it seems that many are willing to take “whoever they can get” as an ally.


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