Punk Politics #38

Here’s a bit of a guide of info concerning protests whether peaceful or more intense. It’s important to know about COINTELPRO. Back in the 60’s and 70’s the FBI in conjunction with police departments invented and implemented this primarily to disrupt black freedom movements such as the Black Panther Party. A primary means was to use plants which were white officers and agents to agitate the angrier members of the group to loot and vandalize. Also they would commit acts on their own to be blamed on the black protestors. These acts would be spun up by the media to make black people look violent and unreasonable as well as building the super predator myth of black males. Oakland (the birthplace of the BPP) was a primary testing ground for counter revolutionary tactics. The reason this is important to know is that COINTELPRO never ended. Counter tactics were used during Occupy Wall Street have been used this past week.

What to look for:

White males who look a little too straight laced for leftism. Most of them will be wearing 511 tactical pants and cop boots. If you see this question them. Also anyone who doesn’t seem to be that into the protest. They could be a plant or a comrade having a bad time and need help. Know the fashions of alt-righters to help spot them. Usually milbrand, pro law enforcement or pro American shirts. If they are cops odds are their pants will be more crisp than anyone else’s as they can’t help but keep that tought process. Never trust anyone you don’t know without ideological questioning first. Watch their reactions to the protest. If they are found to be cops or cop callers yell it out loud and clear. Putting them on blast is for everyone’s good. Check for a vest be it outline or a friendly clap on the back. If they try to get you to say something incriminating, check for a wire or recording device. In Oakland a black security guard was shot after the protest disbursed. This was a couter intel tactic to generate bad PR. The police will sacrifice their own and civilians to discredit resistance. It’s happened before. Also be wary of conservative hair cuts. These people have day lives and can’t help but look like intese normies. Any thin blue line gear must be called without question. Someone that commited to oppressors is a danger.

Note: If I missed anything or you have further information please advise so this can be further updated.

– C Fish

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