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*Some of the bands and artists we cover, review and write about no longer exist.
*Some of the artists we cover have passed on, R.I.P.
*Some of the artists we cover play in other, more recent bands.
*It’s up to YOU to support these artists and bands by going to their shows, buying their CDs or using online music download sites.
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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi folks,
    I’ve been in the scene way back in the 70s and early 80s in Germany – it was wild fun as long as it lasted…hanged out a lot at Amsterdam’s Melkweg, getting seriously wasted before dancing pogo, harassing the rich and beautiful, and being trashed. Also played the drums but it never led anywhere. I was not politically engaged, though, just surfed the dress-music-community wave for the fun of it and consider it in retrospective as part of my search for identity. Anyway, am more considered now and enjoy the bucolic life in the deep French Canadian countryside. But it’s good to see that you’re alive and kicking’. Keep it up and my best wishes to you all!

    • Hey Frank, thanks for the kind words, us old school punx need to stick together and although we do grow up, you still have to stay true to the lifestyle. Sometimes jobs will not allow us to the dress our own way, but hey theirs always night life and the weekends, right! I have seen a rise in the punk rock scene as of recent and that is great for the funding of the bands and stores, but lets make soldiers out of these newbs, so they stick around. Growing up I could care less about the politics too, but now I see the lies and trouble with big government and so we give all we can to small collectives and unions who fight this problem for us everyday. Last but not least Frank, if you have anything you want to say, or have published right here at Punx In Solidarity, then feel free to submit it to us, we need good solid writing material always. Thanks for the support pal.


      • Hey,
        no sweat, man. I must tell you that I’ve left all the punkhaviour behind since long. There’s a certain defiance when it comes to fitting in, but that’s about it. Nightlife and weekends? No longer my trip, Monday! Got boring and took a too high toll on me. I’ll see in due time if I can contribute something – what sort of writing are you looking for? Let me know…

      • I just give what I can here at the blog and catch a show now and then, it’s fun and keeps me young at heart, I love the lifestyle and music. The writing gig is a big part of my life, I am an online freelance writer and I like to write how-to books and diy zines as a hobby and to sell for some extra chump change too. I always need contributions on many different subjects at my blogs and zines. Do you like to write, or do art, what are your areas of expertise and hobby’s? If you want a mention in my small press business and publications, that is no problem at all and if there’s any profit, we can work something out of course. It’s definitely not a cash cow, but it’s fun as shit for me. I have 3 popular blogs that need new material always and I can’t keep up with it. I have one guy who writes here and there about punk rock related things. If your are seriously interested in doing something to contribute, you should know theirs never any pressure for deadlines, it’s a cake walk when dealing with me, or my contributing friends. Thanks for the consideration, Hit me back anytime Mr. Frank.

  2. Modesto lifer here since ’79. What type of artwork are you looking for? I’ve got lots of background in lettering and aerosol, also detailed brushwork, album designs, and skate inspired graphics. Would love to collaborate with fellow artists/writers.

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