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Aging skater and punk rock historian. No bands to speak of, just a writer. read my stuf at punxinsolidarity.com

RIP Grosso

Fuck! I’m in absolute disbelief! We lost Jeff Grosso. He’s what got me back into skating after I’d fallen off for a bit. He was the skateboarder’s skateboarder. The definition of skate punk. Grosso had an unmatched love for skate and an infectious stoke. The kind that’d make ya wanna skate on the freeway cause fuck all. This dude has survived heavy addiction, got kicked of 80’s era Santa Cruz for partying too hard. His series was the only true skate history series and I was fuckin thankful for it. He was the most honest voice in skateboarding outside of is hard core weirdos who never went beyond our driveways and sketchy backyard ramps. Skateboarding saved my life and Grosso is a part of that. 2020 can eat a bag of smashed assholes. Fuck this year with a pool deck sideways!

Additional note: This has really fucked me up. Like there’s a deep profound sadness just sitting with me. When I got back into skating after many years off (letting life, injury and bull shit get in the way) and needing something to fill an addictive void the deck I got was a Grosso Anti-Hero. It got me into shaped decks after being raised on popsicles. Since then that has been my favorite shape. And watched every Grosso thing I could for the history like I was taking a class.


Punk Politics #27

Well Trump said he’d drain the swamp. In a manner of speaking he did by turning it into a slurry pond. It has left potentially irreparable scaring on the land and infertility in the soul of liberty. It continously chokes the rights of the people and the toxicity has seeped through our lives and altered our cultural landscape in catastrophic ways. This presidency has been the equivalent of a pipeline leaking into a water way. American culture has always been moderately toxic, but there was hope that we could do better and atone for the sins of the past. Bow this culture has been so grossly mutated that it’s hard to hold hope. And what about the other side? They’re offering us a lecherous, mentally and morally defective 1%er. The worst part is that the electorate is defending him like a domestic abuse victim says “this one will be different” even though this partner is exactly like the one who beat them so badly. It’s this sick stockholm psychotic break. And people saying “we just pick the lesser of 2 evils.” If we settle for less, we do not deserve better. #punkvoter

– C Fish

Suicide Machines- Revolution Spring review

The first new album in 15 years from ska punk powerhouse Suicide Machines dropped on Friday! It’s really fuckin good! Been stoked on the single Awkward Always which is a solid ska track takin me back to the 90’s. Yet again these guys are one of the bands who most remind me of Op Ivy because it’s ska punk with a message. There’s a few straight punk (not ska at all) tracks that are fuckin gnarly. My stand out track is Babylon of Ours, just a message and organ driven ska banger. I can’t wait till there’s a record store open to buy a copy. Note to future readers: March through April 2020 we’re on lockdown for a pandemic but at least there’s great music to soundtrack the real time societal collapse. So stream this shit loud and hopefully we all make it till we can see em tour

– C Fish

Punk Politics #26

Well after much gnashing of teeth a stimulus bill was passed. It’ll add another 2 trillion to national debt. But fuck it. Regular people and small businesses actually need money right now. Trump again showed how much of a fucking child he is. Wanting social distancing to end by Easter despite the best medical advice. He’s not doing this for the common man. It’s for all his 1% pals. And his “good things happened on Easter. This isyour supposed Christian president who either doesn’t know or care that most of the world recognizes Easter as resurrection. Even the Atheists at least recognize it as resurrection myth. What a fuckwit. Also I’ve seen clear evidence that Anarchism wouldn’t work as people are too fuckin stupid to socially distance in the interest of the at risk and can’t help but horde shit. I thing the late stage American failure we live in has created this level of irrational self interest. Ayn Rand would be proud of you ass hats. All the despair aside, if those of us who know better act better, we can improve things just a little bit. Even if it’s only the space in which you exist, it’s still an improvement.

– C Fish

A punk’s guide to surviving isolation

So Covid 19 martial law got ya down? Here’s some ideas to make your forced quarantine more tolerable. Make music, yeah the tour is on hold, but you can write and record new tunes for your fans to blast loud. Punk things out, yiu can order patches and studs online and create some wearable art ( this is mostly what I’m doing) hell, start making your own patches with paint markers and old denim. Always wanted to become a great punk writer? Go for it, this blog will publish submissions. Finally watch all the great punk documentaries, many of them are on YouTube. Create your own punk rock doc, with technology everyone could do the interviews fron their home. Start checking out whatever weird stuff some friend told you about or your apps recommend. Check in on your people. Maybe start collaborative projects that can be done via web and phone. Wanna fight the system? Now is a time for hacktivism or other online direct action. The most revolutionary thing we can do is to be excellent to each other. We can still connect and/or create theough the dystopia!

– C Fish

Punk Politics#25

So our omnipotent governor Gavin Newsome has stated that 25.5 million(or 56%) will contract Covid 19. Surely the great and wis man much of this statw brought to power knows what he’s talking about and ia fully qualified to speak on this right? Well, a quick bit of research I found that he is in fact not an epidemiologist or any other form of medical professional for that matter. So he is either grossly incompetent or outright lying to us. Just by comparison Wuhan China, the epicenter, did not see this percentage in people getting sick. And that’s a much less medically advanced place than this state’s ghettos. Even Italy whose population is slightly larger than California’s only has 41,035 infected. So what shady shit is our state’s government up to? I’m guessing Newsome is not stupid. That he can read, comprehend and figure out basic comparative math.

-C Fish

Punk Politics#24

As of 2000 hours on 19, March 2020 a the entire state of California has been put on house arrest by order of the governor in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Now I know, they call it shelter in place and that the more at risk need to be protected from the less responsible. The problem is that all authority for the most populated state has fallen into the hands of one man. We’re now on lockdown “with the exception of essential trips”. But what is essential? I guess that’s up to the cops and governor. But wait, there’s a large amount of things still considered to be open. Anything leisure is non essential. So many of us can be at work in the day and in your home at night. So what’s really goin on? Now is the time to become the media. Write or stream your story from your unique view. Don’t trust the 1%ers on the news to tell us how it is. Show what’s really goin on. Also make the most of your quarantine. Listen to some stuff you haven’t before. Start the book or craft you kept meaning to. Restore the lost art of conversation and check on yo people. Hopefully by the end of this we’ll still have elections. That’s right, in an emergency situation elections can be suspended.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #23

It must be spring! Love is in the air… wait, that’s diseas and panic! Oh fuck we’re gonna die! Well not from Coronavirus but possibly fron the boot on iur necks that we are kissing and whispering sweet nothings to. The sinple fact is Covid 19 is either some biblical plague or notuch worry at all but no one is telling the whole truth. What we can witness in real time is society is clearly a fucking joke. People are panic buying and every day is black friday complete with fist fights and armed guards. And the populace is simply handing control over to varying levels of government. The overlords day it’ll only be 3 weeks or till August depending on the estimate. So Trump may vary well be giving us the post apocalyptic authoritarian hellscape I have joked about. Be ready to fight and stop giving away your power. But first gather with those close to you. If you’re the anchor than hold fuckin fast. We gotta be ready for whatever normal looks like after all this.

-C Fish

Punk Politics Special Report

The MOVE 9 are free at last! What an amazing moment for Black History month 2020. 7 have been released while 2 sadly died behind bars. There will be a link in this post to my previous write up about MOVE to give background on this group and their struggles. To quote a great friend of mine “onward and upward!” This is a victory. First MOVE 9, next Mumia Abu Jamal. We can win! #onamove


-C Fish

Punk Politics #22

Let’s talk about Nancy Polosi. Mindless line towing Democrats treat like she’s Joan of Arc at this point. Then mindless line towing Republicans act like she’s the wicked witch of the west. Allow me to simplify. She’s not any sort of hero or conservator of freedom. She has supported the Patriot Act, PRISM(NSA monitoring of citizens) and water boarding. Also she has championed gun control which there is no she doesn’t know the policy was initially instituted by Reagan to disarm the Black Panther Party. Pelosi is simply another elitist who only cares for power over. Actually sitting next to Pence behind Trump was a fitting image and expression of the current reality in American politics. The fact is the establishment are all villains who only care for whose tyranny they get to visit upon the people.

-C Fish