Punk Politics # 32

Just when we think the dystopian hellscape can’t get any worse Billy Mase screeches from beyond the grave “but wait, there’s more!” Disney will stop paying at least half of its work force this week. Yeah, the mouse needs his money can’t be bothered to inject personal income to keep himself afloat. Amazon is still leading the charge of keeping the economy powered by human sacrifice. The week after America’s own warlord cut funding from the WHO there’s a very real risk of a pandemic of famine within the next 2 to 3 months. And now there’s medical and scientific concern of a 2nd wave of Covid coinciding with flu season. And I’m sure Pence is titillated by this to fulfill his and much of the evangelical community’s end time kink. Also this past weekend and week the alt-right and infowars mutants have been out in force protesting the distancing measures. Wait, what in the actual fuck? That’s right, people are protesting public health measures duringna pandemic that’s caused mass graves. I mean, I knew that the incestuous white right hand was fuckin dumb, but I expected a sense of self preservation at the very least. The silver lining is that if they get claimed by this disease, then maybe we won’t have to deal with the likes of Alex Jones anymore.

-C Fish

The Wraith- Gloom Ballet

As a Cali kid who grew up on Anarcho and goth I was fuckin stoked to come across this! My first impression is Christian Death meets The Mob. Davey Bales even sounds like a deeper Rozz between the emotion and cadence. For those who maybe thought Anarcho and Death Rock were dead, you’re thankfully wrong. I’m talkin about the Wraith’s full length album Gloom Ballet. The sound and songwriting on this album are mind blowing. This is the soundtrack for masking up in all black and fighting the system or avoiding society altogether. They paint a soundscape of bleak perfection. So buy and/or stream this shit loud. Perhaps you can attract and train a murder of ominous crows to your beckoning call.

-C Fish

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Punk Politics # 31

Quite a bit has happened. In response to states’ governors deciding when they’ll re open the country. He stated that he has total authority. Um, no motherfucker this is not a monarchy or dictatorship. He then went on to play a propaganda video during the press briefing. This was Trump attempting to paint himself as an actual leader who has had this situation under control. Everytime journalists ask him questions or call him on contradictory statements (some of which occur within minutes of each other at the same briefing) he lashes out like a child calling them “disgraceful” and “fake”. Well folks, the emperor has no clothes and is mentally deficient. Now Trump is defunding the World Health Organization and has threatened to fire his leading health expert. I still question whether or not we’re going to have an election. And Trump has demanded his name appear on stimulus checks which normally would bear the signature of the treasury secretary. This will hold up any paper checks. Ya know, France had an interesting answer to monarchy.

– C Fish

Punk Politics # 30

Okay I know things look fuckin bleak and depressing right now. Pretty much everyone who was to the left of the Klan and honestly believed in a different reality wanted Sanders to win the Democratic ticket. As per usual some establishment good stole it just like 4 years ago. We shouldn’t be chanting the propaganda of “vote blue no matter who”. That’s how they take our power. We should be planning to burn the fucker down! Ir the major parties wanna fuck us, we should do it right back. They only have the power we give them. So let’s take it fuckin back from those who would squander it on enriching themselves. And fuck your “only major parties can win” argument. The 2 major parties were nothing upstarts in the beginning until they went viral by word of mouth and printed word. So there’s absolutely no reason we can’t do that with social media. As ling as we continue to settle for less we will never deserve better. For all its flaws America gained independence by not settling for less. Abolition, women’s suffrage amd civil rights are all because people did not settle for less. This moment can radicalize us rather than be a catalyst for depression and compromise. Yeah this next 4 years is likely gonna suck. But we can look at the long game and use this time pooling our best resource to kill the major paries and give this country something better for 2024. That best resource is us. If we think and get passionate about real change and share it, it can catch fire. We got hit hard. Let’s clean up, get some water and show em we ain’t fuckin done! Hell, Bernie is still on the ballot in upcoming primaries. There will be 3rd parties in the election. There may be write in opportunities. We are the movement! Not the privalaged suits. #punkvoter

– C Fish

Punk Politics # 29

How to start this off? Fuuuccckkk Joe Biden! Louder for the people in the back, FUCK JOE BIDEN! Vote blue no matter who? What a bunch of fuckin zombie sell outs. So the #meetoo generation is supposed to line up behind the guy who has multiple rape allegations? This crazy fucker sniffs people in public. Now, I’m not one to kink shame typically, but keep it in private qith consenting adults. The black community is supposed to rally around the guy who has called them predators? Come on, this guy probably plans date rapes with Trump over golf and roofies. “But you don’t want Trump to win, do you?” Why the hell not? They’re literally the same. They are the 1% boomer white men parasites that insist on fist fucking the working class and minorities. These are the plantation runners and blind party allegiance is the new field. Why are we the victims of this abuse constantly going to another abuser swearing ‘this one is different”? Y’all got me fucked up. It’s betond tume to burn the Democratic party to the fuckin ground! If we destroy one, we can destroy both. There are alternatives from this status quo groundhog day horror we keep repeating. #punkvoter

– C Fish

Punk Politics #28

In case you missed it. Joe Biden wants the Democratic primary to go ahead with in person voting this Tuesday as the U.S. gets closer to the peak for Covid 19. He does want the convention postponed by a month. Biden said that it’s different in an arena than at polling places. Allow me to simplify this. Biden deeply cares if the elites at the convention arw safe and healthy. He does not give a fuck about the common people. He only sees us as potential votes so he can scoop up deligates. Most of Wisconsin and Bernie Sanders are calling for a delay so that the voting can be done by mail. Wisconsin is calling the National Guard in the work polling places as at least 7000 poll workers refuse to put themselves at unnecessary risk by working the polls. So the establishment Democrats have decided you will vote in person under the watchful eye of the military. All states with upcoming primaries need to fight against the establishment and say “NO” to a racist, sex offending, war hawk elitist. He is the exact same as Trump.

– C Fish

RIP Grosso

Fuck! I’m in absolute disbelief! We lost Jeff Grosso. He’s what got me back into skating after I’d fallen off for a bit. He was the skateboarder’s skateboarder. The definition of skate punk. Grosso had an unmatched love for skate and an infectious stoke. The kind that’d make ya wanna skate on the freeway cause fuck all. This dude has survived heavy addiction, got kicked of 80’s era Santa Cruz for partying too hard. His series was the only true skate history series and I was fuckin thankful for it. He was the most honest voice in skateboarding outside of is hard core weirdos who never went beyond our driveways and sketchy backyard ramps. Skateboarding saved my life and Grosso is a part of that. 2020 can eat a bag of smashed assholes. Fuck this year with a pool deck sideways!

Additional note: This has really fucked me up. Like there’s a deep profound sadness just sitting with me. When I got back into skating after many years off (letting life, injury and bull shit get in the way) and needing something to fill an addictive void the deck I got was a Grosso Anti-Hero. It got me into shaped decks after being raised on popsicles. Since then that has been my favorite shape. And watched every Grosso thing I could for the history like I was taking a class.


Punk Politics #27

Well Trump said he’d drain the swamp. In a manner of speaking he did by turning it into a slurry pond. It has left potentially irreparable scaring on the land and infertility in the soul of liberty. It continously chokes the rights of the people and the toxicity has seeped through our lives and altered our cultural landscape in catastrophic ways. This presidency has been the equivalent of a pipeline leaking into a water way. American culture has always been moderately toxic, but there was hope that we could do better and atone for the sins of the past. Bow this culture has been so grossly mutated that it’s hard to hold hope. And what about the other side? They’re offering us a lecherous, mentally and morally defective 1%er. The worst part is that the electorate is defending him like a domestic abuse victim says “this one will be different” even though this partner is exactly like the one who beat them so badly. It’s this sick stockholm psychotic break. And people saying “we just pick the lesser of 2 evils.” If we settle for less, we do not deserve better. #punkvoter

– C Fish

Suicide Machines- Revolution Spring review

The first new album in 15 years from ska punk powerhouse Suicide Machines dropped on Friday! It’s really fuckin good! Been stoked on the single Awkward Always which is a solid ska track takin me back to the 90’s. Yet again these guys are one of the bands who most remind me of Op Ivy because it’s ska punk with a message. There’s a few straight punk (not ska at all) tracks that are fuckin gnarly. My stand out track is Babylon of Ours, just a message and organ driven ska banger. I can’t wait till there’s a record store open to buy a copy. Note to future readers: March through April 2020 we’re on lockdown for a pandemic but at least there’s great music to soundtrack the real time societal collapse. So stream this shit loud and hopefully we all make it till we can see em tour

– C Fish

Punk Politics #26

Well after much gnashing of teeth a stimulus bill was passed. It’ll add another 2 trillion to national debt. But fuck it. Regular people and small businesses actually need money right now. Trump again showed how much of a fucking child he is. Wanting social distancing to end by Easter despite the best medical advice. He’s not doing this for the common man. It’s for all his 1% pals. And his “good things happened on Easter. This isyour supposed Christian president who either doesn’t know or care that most of the world recognizes Easter as resurrection. Even the Atheists at least recognize it as resurrection myth. What a fuckwit. Also I’ve seen clear evidence that Anarchism wouldn’t work as people are too fuckin stupid to socially distance in the interest of the at risk and can’t help but horde shit. I thing the late stage American failure we live in has created this level of irrational self interest. Ayn Rand would be proud of you ass hats. All the despair aside, if those of us who know better act better, we can improve things just a little bit. Even if it’s only the space in which you exist, it’s still an improvement.

– C Fish