Age Of Unreason review

Bad Religion dropped their latest a week ago. Age Of Unreason. Quite the apt title. Much like True North this moves at the quick pace of their older releases. This album is fuckin solid front to back. I’ve been stoked on each listen. I know a number of people botched about the first single Kids Are Alt-Right. Well that’s the punk puritans or dumb motherfuckers in the alt-right So who cares? Buy and stream this loud enough for the neighbors to sing along!-C Fish


A theory on Trump

A theory on Trump’s remarks on immigration. It’s a dog whistle to certain groups. Identity Evropa (white nationalist group behind the tiki torch Nazis) has been distancing themselves from the alt-right and therefore Trump. Which means that likely other white hate groups are doing the same. In other words Trump’s base is jumping ship. So he likely said something this radically offensive knowing full well it would be published and shared as a way of saying “hey guys, I hate like you”. It’s also an adept bit of misdirection as a lot of us missed the expansion of FISA (the warrantless wiretapping and data mining started under the Obama administration) which Trump denounced and then supported in strong man style in a span of 2 hours.

Giant Missile Parades Coming to a City Near You!

So Trump really does wanna play Fuher. Yep, he’s proposing a military parade to show strength. Just like our favorite totalitarian regimes (i.e. Stalin, Hitler, Kim Jong Il) just to name the classics. The alt-right is melting down screaming about it honoring the troops. No it’s not! That’s what Memorial and Veteran’s days our for. This is about preserving power and Trump dog whistling to his base in the alt-right. Most service members don’t want this. It’s a sick and grotesque display. This makes a dog and pony show out of our service members. Like we’re “Team America World Police”. We need to stand up and fight this behavior as it is simply unacceptable. If nothing else, ensure that everyone knows this is happening and that it’s wrong.

Coming soon

Currently working on something I’m calling hate report. It will be a listing of white power music, clothing and whatever ever else I come across. As the alt-right gains more traction, us punks are gonna have things to deal with. The earlier promise I made to read those creepy books about the philosophies guiding this alt-right movement got canned as reading that stuff made me wanna skate into traffic. So their “resources” will be targeted. 

Maty’s Corner update 

After much time without a computer to write as prolifically as I had and much time for introspection some decisions have been made. I will still do the punk band articles and post stuff for Contagion Inc as it happens. There is also a coming series on the global political issue of the alt right; or the new face of fascism/ nazism. These pieces will be written as I complete the research over the next year. All of us know the underground has always had an issue with Nazi infiltration. I will do my best to put the knowledge out as we go over the edge of this brave new post modern world. The overall goal is for the readers to have a lot to enjoy this next year. apologies for the lack of writing in 2016.

– Maty Almost