Fashwave… wtf?

So a fellow blogger jenny devildoll mentioned this to me. We thought it was a joke. Musically it is, but that’s where the laughter stops. I chose to look it up. Boy, was I in for something. I honestly was expecting 80’s new wave with nazi lyrics, which would’ve been better than what I got. So it’s unclimactic EDM by artists such as cyber nazi and others whose names I can’t remember. Other than being a musical holocaust the lack of lyrics left me wondering what the message was after the first song. So I checked a couple more tracks. And was left with a feeling of “oh god gas me now” and other such existential wishes. 16 years ago the Nazis had punk, oi, ska, black metal and country. Those I could see people getting into. But this? Fuck cyber nazi and fash wave! Ya bunch of e tards! This is the most worthless shit ever! No saving grace to it! Who the fuck left a keyboard in the meth trailer? One track was 12 goddamn minutes of what sounded like rejected soundtrack from a Sonic game! Fuck this! I still wanna be shot into a roadside ditch after hearing that. It’s a crime against humanity. 

-Maty Almost


Coming soon

Currently working on something I’m calling hate report. It will be a listing of white power music, clothing and whatever ever else I come across. As the alt-right gains more traction, us punks are gonna have things to deal with. The earlier promise I made to read those creepy books about the philosophies guiding this alt-right movement got canned as reading that stuff made me wanna skate into traffic. So their “resources” will be targeted. 

Morning after in America 

So on Tuesday 08NOV2016 this country elected Donald Trump as president. A man who is a caricature of every negative statement about America, white males and the Republican party. Not that Hilary was a good option. It was Lizard Queen versus the Great White Nope. The options were pure shit and people couldn’t stomach the idea of another Clintonoid after millennials went in droves to third parties. There is a positive about these results. The underground has been massively complacent over the past 8 years. This should shake everyone awake much like G.W. and the last Clintonoid did. I am looking forward to punk rock being amazing and prolific again. We need to have our hearts and minds open as we move forward through the cultural wasteland. Latinos and Muslims are validly scared of the growing white nationalist movement and anti-racist whites that proudly display our stance are scared of being caught in the cross fire from both sides. It’s time for the underground to March and really stoke the flames that provide change. Punx In Solidarity! Nazi Punks Fuck Off!

-Maty Almost 

Maty’s Corner update 

After much time without a computer to write as prolifically as I had and much time for introspection some decisions have been made. I will still do the punk band articles and post stuff for Contagion Inc as it happens. There is also a coming series on the global political issue of the alt right; or the new face of fascism/ nazism. These pieces will be written as I complete the research over the next year. All of us know the underground has always had an issue with Nazi infiltration. I will do my best to put the knowledge out as we go over the edge of this brave new post modern world. The overall goal is for the readers to have a lot to enjoy this next year. apologies for the lack of writing in 2016.

– Maty Almost

Maty’s Corner Special Edition: A Call To Action

Many recent events have unfolded that have caused the Klan and varying Neo Nazi factions to have put punx on green light. They are on a warpath im Southern California. Those who wish to stay in the scene will need to answer that. Not all must engage in combat, but all must support such drastic actions. This may or may not go wide, but let’s make our distaste of bone heads go wide. Kick em outta the shows, tell em to kick rocks if they try to roll up on you. If you dress “punked out” you are now wearing colors. Own that or stay home for your own good. Make your choices, stay safe and FUCK WHITE POWER!

Nazi Punx Fuck Off!



Nazi Pnks Suck

Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Nazi’s Punx Are Dog Shit