Punk Politics #37

For those complaining about riots.
We tried to work peacefully. The black community pleaded “stop killing us”. You ignored our voices so a scream has become necessary. The powerful only have themselves to blame by declaring human lives capital stock and conditioning society to value things over people. You held up armed white men crying about haircuts as heroes while demonizing an entire race for simply say BLACK LIVES MATTER and not participating in a song for a nation who trafficked their ancestors to be brutalized for every generation of their existence. You were warned to expect resistance. This is what x equals in the equation of your disregard and disrespect. We spent our educational lives being forcefed about how great our founding fathers are only the learn that only wealthy white men were created equal and that hasn’t fucking changed. From America’s rotted cesspool of a womb this anger has been born. If you cannot value lives, your cities should burn.

– C Fish