The Old-Timers

Maty’s Corner #11

The Old-Timers

JCHC for the new generation

            The Old-Timers are a JCHC (Jesus Christ Hard Core) band outta Cape Town, South Africa.  You bet they’ve got punk rock there! They currently have 2 eps and one full length.  This will be a comprehensive review of each of those releases so you readers out there can get to know a band that rocks even if you’re not slam dancing with Jesus.

            Their first release was the Punk’s Not Dead, Nor Are We ep Which came out in 2011.  From the get go these guys rock like a blend of UK 82 punk like Subhumans, Exploited, G.B.H. and older JCHC bands like Crashdog and Officer Negative.  The title track on this one is the stand out.  Though the entire offering is a hard core kick in the teeth that today’s weak sauce scene needs.

            Next we see the full length SOLI DEO GLORIA (translated is glory to God).  This arrived in 2012 as their first release on Thumper Punk Records.  This album saw the single This City. Which was also featured on the JCHC comp Punk For The Gospel.  The stand out here is a tie between the single and Posi Isn’t Enough.  A track that goes into the idea that all the Posi-Core scene has a great idea, but they still lack something.  I’ve personally noticed that some of them don’t quite yell “I’m this!” Being their ideas are pretty much JCHC anyways.  But as Christian has long been a taboo in punk rock, it does get a bit difficult for the Posi kids.

            The most recent release from these guys having come out last year is Spiritus Sanctus (translated Holy Spirit). The Old-Timers are at the top of their game here.  Stand out is Mammon.  Simply saying you can only serve one God.  No one can serve 2 masters without splitting themselves in a negative way.  Peppered thru out their songs are spoken parts that include praises, prayers, Bible verses, shout outs and theological ideas.  Even for the punx who don’t think much of faith, this is some great rockin’ hard core. Check their bandcamp to hear and purchase their tunes.

-Maty Almost

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Faith Project #2

Faith Project #2

            Hey all this is Maty Almost.  The one who dreamed up this idea. Kinda funny that mine is the second one.  Well I am a Christian, it hasn’t always been that way.  I was going to church from a young age. At 15 I got into punk rock with Bad Religion, Crass, Subhumans and Peni.  I was LDS at that time.  As I got more into punk I began having conflicts with people in that church. Including a near fist fight with a member of the Bishoprick.  Not all Mormons are bad, there were a lot of rotten apples in that ward.  Still having a belief though I was living the cliché of drugs, booze and colored hair, I found a local Evangelical church to attend.  The worship music had a punk vibe to it and my friend’s girl had talked us into going.  I went for about 2 or 3 years.  I was getting increasingly upset that I could people were talking trash on my appearance and visibly being wasted. Way to help someone who’s hurting.  The final straw came at a Sunday service when the main pastor said that 9/11 occurred due to the existence of Gays in this country. I walked out and never went back.  I walked away from God for a bit after that.  In later years I’ve learned that the dogmatic sociopaths are the problem as they are not truly living or teaching the way of Jesus Christ.  At any rate I was wavering between Agnostic and Atheist for a number of years. Then I got into Zen Buddhism for about 3 years in my 20’s. Even went Vegetarian.  These days I’m a Christian who has a problem with most organized churches as they seem to treat beliefs as a band aid instead of a ground to stand.  For me my faith works into punk as both are about believing in something bigger that yourself, standing your ground despite society and doing right by others.  My nick name in my old scene is Fish which has a lot of reasons. Including having worked with Food Not Bombs and local churches at feedings. Maybe one day I’ll feed 5000 people with my own 2 hands.

– Maty Almost

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