Black Flag GIF Dump!


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Keep Nazis out of our scene!


If you run a website or blog or any sort of FB page that talks about DIY spaces that would be the kind that is at risk of being shut down (THIS INCLUDES YOUR PERSONAL FB i’m looking at all my fb friends rn), please turn all settings to private or even go into black out mode. There is a thread on 4chan filled with anonymous neo nazis looking to expose and turn in DIY spaces to fire marshals.

In the wake of the Oakland fire, assess and repair DIY spaces to prevent another tragedy; do not allow neo nazis to use the state to target the spaces. THE THREAD ON 4CHAN IS TITLED “REPORT ALL “ARTSPACES” AND ILLEGAL VENUES TO CRUSH THE RADICAL LEFT.” I didn’t write this but it’s probably not a good idea to press share, copy and paste if you have friends who should read this.

Stay safe guys. Protect what is dear to you and keep each other informed.

Morning after in America 

So on Tuesday 08NOV2016 this country elected Donald Trump as president. A man who is a caricature of every negative statement about America, white males and the Republican party. Not that Hilary was a good option. It was Lizard Queen versus the Great White Nope. The options were pure shit and people couldn’t stomach the idea of another Clintonoid after millennials went in droves to third parties. There is a positive about these results. The underground has been massively complacent over the past 8 years. This should shake everyone awake much like G.W. and the last Clintonoid did. I am looking forward to punk rock being amazing and prolific again. We need to have our hearts and minds open as we move forward through the cultural wasteland. Latinos and Muslims are validly scared of the growing white nationalist movement and anti-racist whites that proudly display our stance are scared of being caught in the cross fire from both sides. It’s time for the underground to March and really stoke the flames that provide change. Punx In Solidarity! Nazi Punks Fuck Off!

-Maty Almost