My World 1.5

Disclaimer: This is not the property of P.I.S. we are simply posting to give it another home.

Welcome to issue 1.5 of my magazine. I decided to split it off from the lyric sheet in order to not continually waste paper on the same lyrics in different issues. I am including most of the non-lyric part of the first one so that I can cease printing of it(since I decided to split zine from lyric sheet). I hope you find something useful in here, if you don’t please give it to someone who might. Thanx.

These are the things I’ve learned about housing. There are hell of people without homes. Most of us don’t understand why. We think that maybe some experts can figure it out and fix it. The governments experts don’t seem to ever come up with any satisfactory explanations or plans for helping. We wonder why. As far as I can figure there is one fundamental reason people are homeless. This is the idea of the Earth belonging to an individual or group of individuals. I say the “idea” because it is not a fact. You can’t pick it up and take it. When you die you don’t retain it. It is not really someones possession because they write “this is mine” on a piece of paper. Once we decided we could own part of the Earth, it cleared the way for people to have a mad dash to get as much of it as possible. The inevitable result was the future generations(us) not having a place to be. So then the people with the much RENT some of it to the people with the none. Somewhere down the line things like the industrial revolution happen and people stop teaching their children how to deal with the needs in their lives because their all to be found at the store and all you have to do is one task and you get money to pay people to do the other things for you. Before you know it this is what we consider normal and are incapable of functioning in any other setting, making us a sort of slaves.

A few questions you might want to ask your self as you walk by homeless and think to yourself “what a hassle”. Is this person a victim of WWI,WWII,the Korean war, the viet nam war, the gulf war? would I be able to retain my sanity after such an experience? Is this person a victim of the governments flood of cocaine and heroin and alcohol? Is this person a victim of Incest or child abuse? Is this person a victim of domestic violence? Could I retain my sanity after these experiences? Is this person a victim of physciatric pharmacology? Is this person a victim of electro-shock, Is this person someone who wasn’t always homeless and lost their job and then their housing? If I lost my job for a period of months would I have a place to live? Would my landlord let me slide for months? Am I blaming this person for the fact that they are homeless or am I blaming the system of thought (which I partake in) which actually makes people live without shelter?

I’ve also noticed that people who rent and work make a ton of excuses for their landlords and bosses. Shit like “well he’s nice for a land lord” or “she’s not as bad as the other bosses I’ve had” or “he’s not bad he let me slide a couple of days on the rent”. You would not make those excuses if a black man robbed you on the street but you would for the white man who robs you the first of every month. If a stranger came up to you on the street and force you to work for him you wouldn’t excuse it but you sure would for your boss.

These are some things I noticed latter about housing.

There are more vacant housing units in every urban area in america than there are homeless people. They are kept vacant with wood and screws and nails and nuts and bolts and fear. The last one fear is the hardest one to overcome, the rest of it is a simple matter of tools. Number 1- your brain, you need to find a house where the neighbors won’t call the cops on you. There are a couple of ways to do this. First you can find a house that is easy to go in and out of without anybody being able to see you, this could be no neighbors, or trees and bushes in the way of the neighbors view or whatever works. Secondly, you could make friends with the neighbors. My experience is that poor black people makes friends easier than others(although sometimes people are pretty suprising). Also I’ve noticed that if you party to hard in your home the neighbors will stop liking you and start calling the cops on you because they are probably already are scared shittless of the crack/heroin thugs in the neighborhood. We have tried to remedy this problem in the past by making rules against the use of certain drugs. This has not ever worked for us. One thing always leads to another. People will complain that you get to smoke pot and they don’t get to shoot speed so that makes you a hypocrite and their just gonna do what ever they want from now on etc. This situation has lead to the end of every house I’ve been a part of taking over. And recently has lead to the death of a teen ager by heroin overdose. My only recommendation in this area is if you don’t want a vampire in your house don’t invite him in.

On to more tools. Since the houses are generally closed with plywood and nails and/or locks, usually all you need to get in is a crowbar and bolt cutters. Also you need courage, if you are too scared of making noise breaking in you will never get in. However if you are confronted by someone who is threatening police action leave immediately because breaking and entering is a felony. Come back later. Being inside the house is only misdemeanor trespass and in my 10-20 times of being caught for that I have only been told to leave. When they do that they right your name down and then if they catch you there again then they will charge you with trespassing(misdemeanor). Once you are in the house you will want to secure it. The easiest way of doing this is with an dead bolt. They cost from 2-10$. They all have the same sized hole requirements, so if there is already a lock on the door then the holes will match up with your dead bolt. Another matter of immediate concern is the presence of dust/asbestos in the house. If there is lots of dust in the house you should wear something over your mouth and nose until you can remedy the situation. I don’t want to trust Xerox technology to show you what asbestos looks like so go to the library and look up pictures in a book, this is important as it will kill you in time. You will want to have running water cuz not being able to shit and piss where you live is a drag. There is usually a square cement lid outside the front of the house. You lift this up and underneath there is a meter and a big metal screw type thing. The screw thing needs to be turned one way or the other to turn the water back on. You can find out how to turn on gas and electricity from your library also but I don’t want to get into it here cuz it’s potentially lethal and I couldn’t reproduce pictures good enough.

In the last two years I have noticed a thing happening everywhere I go. This is the criminalization of homeless people. I first noticed it here in LIBERAL Berkeley, where the city council voted to make illegal the following actions: sitting on the sidewalk, Asking for change near an ATM or a parking meter, asking for change after dark, holding out a cup, etc. We fought this law in a variety of different ways, successfully, until they finally got the idea on the ballot and it passed by 51% or so. At that point the ACLU picked up where we left off and sued for infringement of first amendment rights. It is currently in court and we have a temporary injunction halting the implementation of the law. In the last two years I have traveled to hundreds of major cities in America and the situation was the same everywhere, laws that all essentially outlawed not the homeless person but everything that a homeless person must do in order to survive. This has also been the case in the cities I recently visited in Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Italy and I heard similar things about England. I brought this up because irregardless of your current situation you are most likely in the same position as the vast majority of the populations of these countries. It may seem pretty distant from you but you are in reality only 1-4 paychecks away from homelessness. Whether you rent or have a mortgage or even own and have to pay property taxes.

Although some people are on the street as a result of alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness; what is more relevant is that these people are on the front line of a war on the people, waged by our rulers in quest of wealth and power.

We can do as our rulers have planned for us and fight each other over crumbs, fear each other over differences, kill each other over land we haven’t really fully realized our birthright to or we can recognize each other as the players on the same side of the game that we are, whether we choose to accept that or not. Always remember you’re next.

The newspapers and the TV news like to tell sad stories about the fatalities of homelessness. Being homeless and exposure to the elements don’t kill a person. People have lived on this continent for a long time without fixed dwellings. The concept of private property which says that YOU don’t get to use the resources of YOUR world that you need to deal with the elements is what actually kills. It is just another christian way of blaming NATURE for our own shortcomings.

End of spring 1995
I was staying on the Berkeley/Oakland border in a bus in a back yard. I was hanging out with friends, one of which confided in me about a mutual friend raping another mutual friend a few days earlier. She seemed really freaked out about it, besides for obvious reasons, probably because she was an occasional lover of the man who did it.

As it was told to me, the man was staying over in the woman’s room, both people were drinking(not an excuse just a factor). She was asleep and he removed her clothing from the waist down and proceeded to penetrate her. There were more circumstances to the situation but I don’t want to get into them because consent obviously didn’t exist. A couple of days after it happened word got around to the point that some people decided to confront him at the house he had been crashing. When the confrontation happened I was in my van. The woman who told me about it in the first place, came over and told me that the confrontation was happening and that she thought it was about to turn violent. I put clothes on and went to where it was happening. By the time I got there, he was already beaten until he could flee. I don’t know happened exactly but I’m fairly certain that he was told that it was unacceptable to violate a person in the way that he did. The longer I talked to people there the worse parts of what happened seemed to be. First of all it seemed like many of the people present were past lovers of the man, considerably less than impartial participants. While I was there I saw more than one of the people taking delight in the fact that they got to witness or participate in his beating. It felt to me that some of the people were not there on the “victims” behalf but rather to dump some anger/rage over old resentments. I also saw one of his ex-lovers exclaiming proudly how enjoyed hitting him and was pleased that he wouldn’t be back and that she could then keep his bicycle.

Secondly, it became clear that a totally valid message “IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO VIOLATE ANOTHER PERSON” was accompanied by the physical violation of the person for whom the message was intended.

Thirdly(and the reason why I’m writing this), as I stewed over the events of those few days I began to see that there was a complete lack of a “bigger picture” kind of perspective.

Let me backtrack a little. The only way I had known of dealing with the aggressor in a rape situation was what I had read in various radical/activist publications. They mainly advocated violent confrontation and various forms of humiliation, etc. All of these seem to use a line of reasoning in which some of the men are an expendable enemy and other men aren’t. They also don’t seem to take into account what happens in a man’s life to get them to the point where they engage in behavior like rape(such as being victims of rape in the first place, as children), even though they seem to like to dwell on a persons background when it comes to explaining the shortcomings of criminals, minorities, etc.

Another part of the bigger picture(for me anyway) is the fact that the majority of the people doing the beating were men. I felt the biggest connection to the men who actually did the beating, even though I thought it to be wrong, this is why:

This event loosened some things that are normally trapped in my faulty memory. When I was 14 and still living with my parents, I brought home a woman who needed a place to sleep. She slept in my room. She fell asleep before I did. From the waist down she wore only underwear. I tried to take them off of her(with all of the same intentions as the man), but she woke up. The only difference between my experience and the mans was alcohol and chance. The actions were the same, only the outcome was different. She happened to be moving to Texas the next day and I never saw her again.

This also brought up another recollection. About a year or so later A woman about my age was staying with me. we usually slept in the same bed. One night we were engaged in some petting. I disrobed her and as I entered her she kept repeating the word NO, I didn’t listen to her. Up until the rape my friend committed, I was of the opinion that if a person were raped it was my responsibility to fuck up the perpetrator in any way possible and that in doing so the problem would be solved. I found out that it wasn’t possible to think that way in the case of someone I love and whose welfare is of my concern. I also found out that it didn’t seem right to think that way about any man who is probably the victim of childhood sexual violence like I was. I started to see the short sightedness of our communities means of dealing with a REPEATING(the first show I went to in 1983, a woman who was passed out was put in a truck a hauled off by a group of about 6 men/a woman was raped in the side room at gilman street/etc.) situation. We kicked one man out of our community, he is somewhere else now. He is probably no closer to getting help than he was before. He is also free, where ever he is, to have children who will also acquire his condition. This is what I mean when I keep referring to the bigger picture. We can stop one man in one place for awhile, but we need to alter the handing over of sick consciousness from fathers and mothers to sons and daughters. Violence will not accomplish this at all. Violence will only reinforce the feelings of no worth that a man must have in order to treat a woman as though she was of no worth.

I’ve seen us react to situations pretty poorly. I am under the impression that He and I are not the only boys/men in our scene with pieces of the past/present locked and denied out of our realities by guilt, shame and fear. I wanted to write this because as I saw the state that the men who did the beating were in, it seemed just exactly like me. I would project the hate I had for myself, for my past actions, onto someone else so I could feel like it wasn’t me. I wanted to find a way to reach other men(or women) who may be interested in creating a space where we could begin to deal with and eradicate our sickness.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about why we should all become vegans today. I guess I’d start off by saying that I totally agree with idea theoretically, however there are some parts of how people are advocating this idea that I think are pretty stupid.
1. The proponents of veganism(for the most part of what I’ve encountered anyway) seem to be ignorant to the fact that a large part of the genocide of the Native American peoples was done in the name civilizing these “savages” by converting them to christianity and by forcing them into agricultural based reservations. I don’t think it is OK to put out literature that says “be vegan” without acknowledging that this only applies to the races that are not naturally occurring on this continent. Anything less would be a continuation of the same attitudes of colonialism that brought on our current insane situation. Furthermore the native peoples were free in a way that we are not because we do not hunt, which might not seem like a big deal to you until you think about how easy it is to declare a state of emergency and suspend the constitution and go house to house to round up dissidents(you) for extermination. Good luck growing your garden while your fleeing a military takeover.
2. I, as a homeless person, take great offense at any person who has never been homeless telling me to not eat something. They are obviously not acting out of compassion for everything. This makes no difference to me whether what I might be eating comes out of a dumpster or is paid for.
3. A lot of where the literature that I’ve seen comes from a thing calling it’s self HARDLINE. It seems to me that there is a lot of judgment coming from what I’ve read. I’d like to remind them and everyone for that matter, living in a house that is not temporary and moveable is/has destroyed many other organisms right to exist on the land. Houses use gas, which wreaks our land, water, and air(the environment are friends the animals have to live in also). Houses use electricity, which pollutes the same as gas. Houses use plumbing which drain lakes, and dump sewage into our water supplies. I think that it might be good for a movement that wants to go in the direction of extreme ecological recovery might consider moving towards establishing HOMELESSNESS as the real hardline as some of us already have.

You are invited to Mankato Minnesota on the 26th of December, 1995. This will be an anniversary of sorts. 125 years ago, some Sioux were cheated out of there food rations and they were beginning to starve. A group of males went to town to take food that they felt belonged to them out of a store house by force. The white folks got all uptight and fighting broke out. The white folks got there asses kicked. The government could handle it so they sent the army to round up all the Sioux who they said did the fighting. They captured 303 men. and were going to hang them all. The great benevolent Abraham Lincoln came to calm things down and decided to pardon most of the men who were to be executed. The great man the he was decided that only 38 of the Sioux men deserved to die for feeding their families, rather than all of them. This took place in front of what is now the Mankato public library. I want to have a gathering there starting at sunrise on the 26th. I would like to present a formal apology for the murder of the 38(and for the murder of millions of other native peoples), I also hope to find a donor of some land that could be given to them as well as a ceremony were as many white people as possible will swear to an oath to never again claim ownership of land on the planet earth(and to teach that sacred principal to their children). Please join me on that day. Write me for directions.

This is why I quit smoking:
So I can out run cops. So I can spend my money on food instead. So I can breath/sing. I was going to put some statistics on how much damage cigarettes do each year but I’m too lazy to find them, rest assured that if you continue to smoke they will kill you and make your friends and kids sick.

This is how I did it:

First I read a piece of paper produced by born against, it was a general outline on why I was such a loser for buying and smoking poison. Next, I suffered.

The first two days are the hard part, that’s the period of time it takes to break the physical addiction. Afterwards it takes 1-2 weeks to get used to the fact that you don’t actually smoke them anymore. For these first 15 or so days I highly recommend not going to school or work cause you will already be irritable enough.

These are the things that helped: Deep Breathing, in through the nose out through the mouth, a friend told me to do it 4 times when I wanted to smoke, I recommend a number closer to 40. Either way do it till you feel better.

Meet your needs. It is too easy to confuse a lack of a real need for the need to smoke. Therefore during and after the withdrawal process make sure you always have more than enough water/juice, food, multi-vitamins and vitamin c, exercise, rest, sleep, something to do.

Meditation. This helped me immensely. All you have to do is sit cross legged(or lie down), close your eyes, don’t judge your thoughts and feelings, try to imagine your breath going in your nose-down into your lungs-pause-back out.

Drugs:I found that at least during the first few weeks it is totally a bad idea to drink alcohol, caffeine or any other stimulants or any other drugs. Half of them make you want to smoke more than you already do and the other half make you forget that you quit in the first place.

Bike. Your lungs will heal faster and you will feel better sooner if you sell your car and get a bike and ride it everywhere you go. It will also mean that, if you stop using gas and electric or go homeless, that you are not polluting that air at all anymore.

Gum. Gum and licorice root are invaluable things to chew on for the first few weeks and thereafter.

Avoidance. Avoiding smokers and places where people smoke(bars/cafes) helped me alot. Herbs. For the first week you might want to try some form of valerian root to calm down, after that you might want to try smelling sage or making tea out of catnip in order to stay centered.

Good Luck.

Fizzball is a game we created while touring in Europe. We were receiving four cases of beer every day and none of us drank alcohol, so we found a large pole and pitched beers for the batter to hit. The winner is whomever avoids can shrapnel in the face. Since here in America we don’t receive free beers on a daily basis and you wouldn’t want to support the liquor industry you should just grab the beer from any store, run out and yell yahoo.

4-20-94 my friend Charlene died of a fatal dose of heroin. three days later I was in Atlanta Georgia and called a friend at home to see how everybody was doing. She told me that my friend was dead. I could seem to take in enough alcohol and pot to deal with how I felt about losing her. I had to learn about a new thing for me, grief.

About a year later I was almost to the point where I didn’t think about it every day. In that period of time I had come to the understanding that I was probably next, so I quit using heroin, speed, coke, acid, pot, alcohol and cigarettes. At that point in time I was living in a house that myself and some friends had taken over. After awhile I didn’t feel like living with people who were still using so I moved into a rented place. Some where along the progression of that house core people left to travel for a time and when they got back they were informed that the people who had agreed not to use powders or needles in the house had changed the rules in their absence. It quickly degenerated into a shooting gallery. In the last week or two of the houses existence a 15 year old girl from Georgia named Blyth showed up in the house. She was in the process of lapsing into and out of a coma. This went on for a day and a half with no one seeming to think it out of the ordinary or even being aware enough to notice. At the end of the day and a half she started to turn blue which was the first thing to incite enough of a reaction for anyone to act. By the time she was brought to a hospital she was dead. Sometimes I wonder how here parents deal with it, and how her friends at home deal with it since their probably pretty young like she was. I and a friend had heard a few hours after she died what had happened and that she had a back pack there, and that probably there was still some heroin in it. We went there to get the back pack because we thought her parents should get the contents of it. It was already gone.

I remember how many times I said that my using drugs was victimless and that it hurt no one but myself. I think the people that were too high to notice a child overdosing in their living room probably thought the same thing. In our sub-culture we call punk rock we have an unspoken rule that we don’t get to question anything about any kind of drug use, because we would then be acting like our parents did or like the cops do. I can no longer afford to live by this rule. I have already lost too much.

Alcohol is a poison, it is put on every corner for a reason, to kill black people. The liquid nor the government nor the industry cares if your not black. The fact that you brew it yourself doesn’t make the drink any less poisonous. It just means that you put the work into killing us instead of them. Speed is a poison, it is readily available so that we think we are getting something done, when all we are actually doing is sucking a glass pipe or trying to extract more shit out of an already overworked cotton ball. Cocaine is a poison, it is everywhere for the same reason as alcohol, to kill black people an as above it does not give one shit if you are black or not. Heroin is a poison, it is everywhere for the same reasons as the aforementioned substances. So are cigarettes. Together they form a net that keeps the truly angry people, who have suffered the most damage and have the most to make just, sedate and crippled.

While it is true that not everyone who uses is an addict and it is also true that weed will always lead to heroin use is false, it is true that every junkie I ever knew did start on pot and alcohol and eventually they didn’t kill their pain anymore so they moved on to more powerful things.

Now that I’ve said that, I wanted to add a few things in the period of time between now and when you quit using(if you do that sort of thing) please bleach your needles if you “have” to share them. Also if you use heroin please start off with a quarter of what you would normally use so as to prevent accidentally dying from under cut shit. A

lso if you decide you want to try living without it(and you will eventually or you will die) please look in the phone book under Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous or if you have a big problem with the word god there is a group in some towns(AA and NA are in almost every city in the world) called Secular Organization for Sobriety which doesn’t use god or prayers. These organizations are not cults, the only form of reprogramming used is a rethinking of life revolving around alcohol and drugs to life revolving around life, and are 100% free of charge.

In the last thirteen months I’ve noticed a lot of things about both straight edge and the philosophy of using that are pretty stupid. See I used to belong to the user camp. I am an addict/alcoholic. I used as much as I could for about eleven years. I had to cover the pain of physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual and verbal abuse. I didn’t get a choice in the matter. I no longer use drugs or alcohol, nor have I used them for roughly over a year now. This is what I’ve noticed in that period of time. Alot of straight edgers/SxE bands advocate alot of judgementality and sometimes even violence.

A lot of the time I even hear people/bands advocating things like attacking/killing drug dealers/users. I wonder if they realize that to really eradicate drug abuse in america would entail destroying the CIA(who bring the drugs here), Destroying the corporate/capitalist state that has stolen everything to the point where drugs are the only economy and the only relief left(for poor and minority peoples), Destroying the liquor industry that assists in destroying more lives than all the illegal drugs put together, destroying the coffee manufacturers and the cigarette companies. Out of all of these evils why do the SxE kids pick the most defenseless target, the one group who is actually victimized by their position in life, which also happens to be predominately black males. I wonder if they realize they are promoting the same racist platform as the white rulers who came up with the drug war(on the black community). I also wonder why sixty-five years after the birth of alcoholics anonymous, they still haven’t learned about the FACT that alcoholism/addiction is a PHYSICAL DISEASE(rather than a lifestyle choice).

On the other hand.

I wonder if the drug/alcohol users think that armed struggle/mass movements are helped by wrecked bodies and burned up minds. I wonder if they think that giving cash to anhiser bush/r j reynolds is going to further the revolution. I wonder if they think that using the smoke and booze is only a temporary thing? does it seem that way after a year, five years, ten years? Does it further our causes to constantly put yourself in the position of incarceration? Are you you going to be able to escape on foot, after smoking, drinking, doing speed coke and heroin for years, when the game is up and the military are in every town and the roads are all monitored? Are we going to know how to survive when we’ve given all our time and energy to the corner store? Have we really created an alternative when we can’t relate to the world just on the basis of our own consienceness,? Just like our parents. And in general…

Are we all going to cast the masters off our backs when we are too busy spending all our energy and time fighting each other?

1. Put a rag in the tank and light it on fire
2. Put sugar in the tank
3. Pop the tires
4. Steal the tires
5. Let the air out of the tires
6. Put cement mix in the gas tank
7. Put balloon with Drano in the gas tank(then run)
8. Pee in the gas tank
9. Vomit in the tank
10. run it over with a monster truck or a tank
11. Explode a fertilizer bomb in it(federal building is optional)
12. Drive it off a cliff
13. Drive it into a lake or a river
14. Drive it into a forest fire
15. Take it on tour!
16. Play demolition derby with it
17. Drain the oil
18. Put hot tar where the oil goes
19. Cut the gas line
20. Cut all the other hoses
21. Put a bucket of glue in the radiator
22. Shoot large caliber bullets through the engine block
23. Loan it to furley
24. Break the wrong key off in the ignition
25. Switch the tires with skateboard wheels
26. Play chicken with trains
27. Chain the axle to a house foundation
28. Get lots of tickets until the cops put the “boot” on it
29. Hit it repeatedly with sledgehammers until it won’t start
30. Take all the nuts off
31. Take it completely apart and get your youngest sibling to put it back together
32. Fill the interior with cement up to the ceiling
33. Fill it up with dynamite and crash it into an oil refinery
34. Puncture big holes in the gas tank
35. Weld the tail pipe shut
36. Fill the gas tank with superballs
37. Weld the body to a metal pole
38. Run over bike cops until they take it away
39. Cruise the Cyprus until the big one hits
40. Shoot a flare gun into the gas tank
41. Leave it on a curve on the train tracks
42. Leave it on a airport runway
43. Wait for twenty years when the gas runs out
44. Drive real fast, blind-folded down the wrong side of the freeway
45. Leave it in NYC with the hood up and a sign on it that says “free parts” 46. Drop refrigerators on it from a roof
47. Cut all the electrical wires
48. Weld the thermostat shut
49. Crazy glue the gas cap on
50. Roll a boulder over it
51. Hit it with a grenade launcher
52. Remove the parking brake and leave it on hills
53. Crash it into a power sub-station
54. Disconnect the alternator and go driving
55. Use blasting caps instead of spark plugs
56. Jump snake canyon
57. Jump the grand canyon
58. Jump the pacific
59. Take all the lugs nuts off
60. Cut it half with the jaws of life
61. Drive into the la brae tar pits
62. Take it to the shop
63. Let your friends on speed “work on it”
64. Remove steering wheel, cut the brake line and go on high speed chases 65. Let gorman or Dan drive
66. Go to Wyoming and do donuts on the black ice
67. Let motley crue drive drunk
68. Let james brown drive
69. Let OJ drive
70. While driving, smoke crack and shoot at the cops
71. Go to the shop and say “I’m from out of town and I don’t know anything about cars, can you fix it.”
72. Put bubble gum in the oil
73. Loan it to your blind friends
74. Jump the sears tower
75. Crash the gates at the white house
76. Drive over Niagara falls
77. Drive in the pit at a megadeath show
78. Run down hippies at dead show parking lot until they hug your car to death
79. Loan it out for the filming of an episode of chips
80. Park under landslides and avalanches
81. Let Billie Joe drive
82. Play dukes of hazard with it
83. Drive it 80mph then throw it in reverse
84. Loan it to the crash test dummies
85. Ride a bike
86. Ride a skateboard
87. Walk
88. Roll it into a quarry
89. Gun powder in the gasoline
90. Weld brakes on
91. Replace engine with leggo motor
92. Convert engine into tattoo gun
93. Clean it with the flame-thrower
94. Fill the gas tank with liquid nails
95. Drive through shopping malls until the police take it away
96. Put oil eating bacteria in the engine
97. Crazy glue bullets all over the outside, facing inwards and drive into walls 98. Light it on fire and see if you can drive fast enough to blow it out with the wind
99. Use any east coast toll roads
100. Give it to Food Not Bombs
101. Drive it into a volcano

While we were making our last record we received an acoustic version of one of our songs on a tape. So we used it. I was thinking that since CDs hold 36 more minutes than records do I should ask you to send us tapes of our songs(or whatever you want to send so long as you can deal with our thumbs up/thumbs down we get all the say in what we use policy) preferably without using amplified sound. Please put it on tapes only and don’t worry about sound quality and we won’t either. This way our future CDs wont have the wasted space. We will pay you no moneys but will probably send you some copies of the CD.

A couple of really weird things have happened to me since all my friends signed to major labels.

1. I was squatting at the green day house after they made the video and moved out, watching TV when I saw the longveiw video, filmed in the same room I was sitting, for the first time.

2. Later I went to see Billie Joe’s new baby and he asked me to figure out who to give a lot of tax-deductible moneys to. So I hooked him up with food not bombs and the free clinics in the east and west bay. I went to see one of the two shows from which they donated us the money. It was exactly like seeing green day before except there was ten thousand screaming kids. After the show I went to the doorway on telegraph avenue where I was sleeping at the time. As I was waiting to go to sleep I had sort of a hard time comprehending how I could be both homeless and capable of moving $150,000 to where I want it to go, all in the same day. Go figure.

3. Every time I walk by a news stand I notice somebody that used to hang around gilman/berkeley on the cover of spin or rolling stone magazine. So I usually stop and read the next slew of crap about how punk is an “attitude” and how it was never about whether you were a millionaire or not and how it never was about being political. For some reason the fact that I can’t read any of these magazines with out reading the names of my and my friends old bands. It seems like these names are used to prove that they are from a real underground. It makes me feel really pissed, like something was stolen from me. No band that I have been a part of was for media vampires, those words don’t belong in their magazines. It doesn’t make the sellouts valid, it only makes them thieves.

I think zines are usually pretty cool.

I think records are pretty cool also.

I think most reviews are pretty stupid.

I think most reviewers blow ass. Lance Hain is great though. And it has nothing to do with the great review he gave us. Pretty much the rest of them suck shit.

Last fall we toured Europe. I got to learn some great things about my cultural heritage.

In Tublingen, Germany we stayed in a giant wonderful squat. It used to be the Gestapo headquarters during W.W.II. In the basement there was a practice space, it is where they tortured prisoners. Across the street was a giant cathedral. It used to be a pagan burial ground. I got a pretty good view of the untrue idea that “Christianity works as a moralizing force”. The Christians came and desecrated the pagans sacred space(attempting to annihilate memory that they even existed) and built a church. The people of the town went to worship god across the street from where their government was torturing dissidents, and everything was honkey dory. Go figure.

More bits on “my” cultural heritage. I found out that to this day in some of the countries in Europe they still medically advise drinking alcohol to pregnant mothers for kicking pains. Good for the brain I guess. Now it makes much more sense that people who came to North America thought genocide and slavery would turn “savages” into worthwhile human beings.

In croatia there was an abundance of highly tanked(about 18 years old) males, not causing problems just highly drunk, at the show we played. I didn’t get what the deal was until somebody informed me they had to go to the other side of the country the next day to fight the war. I asked a few people about why there was a war in what used to be Yugoslavia. Everyone (including a man who was a Serb, who had fled his region. He had a constant shaking going on in his body and ticks in his face, I could only speculate that it was a result of Post Traumatic Shock, I didn’t have the courage to ask him about it.)told me it was due to the fact that when the country broke up, the serbians had all the military capabilities and hardware and the USA and the UN and NATO declared sanctions(making it illegal to supply arms) against all of the fractions of the former Yugoslav republic. So to us folks back at home reading the paper, it looks like their playing the role of peace keepers when in effect we were ensuring the slaughter of the people in four other regions. Not to mention the ethnic cleansing and the mass rapes that happened in the last few years.

Amidst all the media hype of late about how American cities are violent and how we have to hang/shock/gas all the perpetrators, I need to constantly remind myself that the biggest perpetrator of violence on the face of the earth is the one that functions off of the consent we give every time we pay taxes, every time we vote, every time we do anything but outright revolt to stop the nightmare machine we call the USA.

Food Not Bombs is an organization working towards feeding the hungry while at the same time exposing the myth that there is enough resources for war but not for peoples needs. It now exists in about 70 cities internationally. I have enclosed a list of addresses(in the back) of these groups in hopes that you(yes you) would take the initiative and give some of your time, energy, money or whatever to maintain and expand Food Not Bombs. If there are no groups near you maybe you should start one in your town. There is a book on how to do that(and the history of Food Not Bombs)for $10 from the San Francisco address. Thanx.


Mike Vallely And Greg Ginn Lead Black Flag 2015


Black Flag Logo

Black Flag New Black Flags Front Men

Veteran Pro Skateboarder, Company Owner, Mike Vallely, Lead Vocalist

Mike Vallely 2

Mike Vallely 4

Mike Vallely Black Flag


Legendary SST, Black Flag Founder Greg Ginn Lead Guitar, Vocals



Greg Ginn

Epic Punk Rock Film!


The Decline

The STAMINA Zine, Issue #1, 2015

STAMINA Front Cover Image

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Dead Kennedys Have Always Been A Favorite!


93 94


Jello Biafra Always Stole The Show. Dead Kenndys All Time Favorite Punk Rock Band!

Black Flag’s “Six Pack.” Vocals Mike Vallely!

Black Flags New Front Men

Mike Valley and Greg Ginn

Opening Chapter To STAMINA Zine

Opener To The STAMINA Zine, Issue # 1

Too Late To Die Young

Now that I’m in my mid 40’s and at the so called ‘mid life crisis’ age we have all heard about, I have to admit I do get some attention when going to a skateboard park, or while attending a punk rock show and even when catching some waves at the local’s only California coastline. It’s to be expected and most people do appreciate my efforts and my experience.

Monday Santa Cruz

So I realize I have to accept the fact that I will be dealing with some worried mothers at the skateboard parks and usually I end up having a little chat with them to show I’m no petifile, but rather just a big dumb kid still holding on to his youth. Hey that’s fine with me, I’m just happy to be there and able to drop in and grind that place to pieces, carve out a few lines and I’m out.

Monday Boneless

Now when I get dressed up for a gig in my punk rock attire complete with a denim vest jacket that’s full of patches I’ve made from cutting up old t-shirts and sewing them on, I tend to get a little amped up on catching a banging hardcore show. Although, I do need to be aware of the age difference between myself and the kids of today, the ones I’ll probably be bashing heads with if I decide to do some moshing that night.

Oh How

In most cases at the skate parks and the punk shows, or even at the surf spots, I do gain some respect for my age and believe me I think I deserve it. I’ve been living this lifestyle for 30+ years now and don’t let the grey hair fool you; show this pioneer some due respect. That’s all I expect, I don’t want to cause any trouble, or spoil anybody’s ‘good vibrations,’ no way, not at all.

Monday Surfing

Now I will throw down under certain circumstances, or if someone steps to my grill trying to front with some, “Hey OG” bullshit or tries to use my obvious experienced appearance as a prop for his nickel and dime senior citizen jokes, saying, “Hey gramps the kiddy bowl is at the front of the park,” or “the kiddy waves are down by the pier,” or “Hey Old School, the kiddy seats are up in the balcony. “Oh Fuck No. Kiddy just knocked you out!”


Okay, so I don’t think I’m wrong here for demanding at least some props for keeping my game real for so many years. I kept my bag of tricks fresh with a steady flow and when I was coming up I showed nothing but respect to the senior ranks. Seriously, I’ve been riding this magic carpet for decade after decade now, so please show some due respect to the forefathers who paved the way for our rights and for our freedoms we all luckily enjoy today.

All Day Long
Okay, so my mind may be a little tired from all the years of living the ‘endless summer,’ but don’t let the slow memory fool you. I dogged your daddy’s back when they were coming up and I sure as hell ain’t getting fazed by your swag, hipster, dubsteping, steezy attitude. No way, pal, “I’M HERE TO STAY” and if it’s not meant for me to blow things up anymore on the level, then everybody will at least know that I died trying.Up The Punx!’

-Rich Monday

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Maty’s Corner #16 Pulley: The Esteem Driven Engine Still Matters

Maty’s Corner #16

Pulley: The Esteem Driven Engine Still Matters

Pulley started up in 1994, right in the beginning thick of the Southern California skate punk revolution of music that shaped my life. This 5 piece hard hitting melodic punk unit is led by Scott Radinsky who was no stranger the punk scene by 94 having been in Scared Straight during its 10 year existence (83-93) being heavy hitters in the Nardcore Mystic Records scene. They then went on to become skate punk greats Ten Foot Pole. Radinsky was in charge of that unit for their first 2 releases then forced to leave due to his pro baseball that he was already 3 years deep into. Being that baseball conflicts with the tour schedule of most punk rock I see it is making sense. That didn’t preclude Radinsky from being the voice of TFP’s seminal single My Wall.

Right outta the gate Pulley was a bit of a super group consisting of Radinsky from his aforementioned bands; Jim Cherry (may his soul be rested) of Strung Out; Matt Riddle of Face To Face and No Use For a Name; and Tony Palermo from Ten Foot Pole and Unwritten Law.

Pulley’s first drop in was 1995’s Esteem Driven Engine. A strong door kicker of a debut from these punk veterans. It slams open with Cashed In which would be a candidate on a best of record. Right away this first album sets a tone for more introspective lyrics which tends to happen to us punks as we get older. Take for instance Bad Religion’s material from the mid 90’s and forward.

Right after this was 97’s 60 Cycle hum. Again a really strong track starts the whole album off on the right foot, or left if ya skate goofy. The most interesting track on this was Noddin’ Off. It kicks like Ten Foot Pole or Scared Straight. I think kinda letting us all know that they remember who they are. Another overall solid effort from this board breaking unit.

1999 brought us @#!*, referred to as self titled. Honestly my favorite album by these guys. I believe it’s also their most popular. The lyrics start getting real introspective and the music on a couple tracks is even a bit dark. It’s still Pulley. The differences show growth in the band and they sound tighter than their first 2 albums. The stand out for me has always been Over It. Somewhat of a scathing indictment of the rat race that even the punk scene can degenerate into. Less of a middle finger and more a wake up call. The more incendiary and equally great track is Nothing To Lose. It’s been the background to a fuck you in my life numerous times. Just a great one to sing with and let something out.

2001 marked Pulley’s first album as a 4 piece, Together Again For The First Time. Jim Cherry had left the band to pursue Zero Down and dropped one solid album with them before he departed us. Despite the missing guitarist, this is as solid and tough an album as Pulley had put out. The first real stand out on this is “Hooray”hooray,matters,olympus,friends, for me. Another honest critique of the scene from the perspective of growing up but not giving in. The other one that hits me of this effort is “Same Sick Feeling.” Always sounds like one off of the 99 album and that’s not at all a bad thing.

2004 marked Pulley’s longest gap between albums. Matters shows the band hasn’t lost a bit of edge over their first 10 years. The band just sounds tighter with each offering they put out. It was also dedicated to their guitarist and friend Jim. This for me is like 99’s “self titled”. Most stand out on Matters is Insects Destroy. Has a bit of Bad Religion and Pennywise feel. Makes sense being that they were all label mates for so long. This marks Pulley’s final album on punk rock Olympus of Epitaph records and their last full length to date.

2009 after about 5 years Pulley gave us their first ep on a new label, Time Insensitive Material. Ghost Inside My Skin is the stand out of this short offering. It’s a blend of classic Pulley with some new ideas. The first glimpse of something new to come. 20011 gave us The Long And The Short Of It ep. Coming in at only 3 tracks, it leaves me hoping for a full length in the near future. There’s been rumors swirling around a new full length since 2012. I was fortunate to see them play recently. After 20 years of Pulley and 31 years of Scott Radinsky, neither part shows any sign of letting up for a long time to come.
Check out Pulley if you don’t know ‘em, re listen or catch ‘em live if ya do.

Article published in the popular Mega Zine STAMINA #3.

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-Maty Almost

Whether A Rebel Or A Punk, Take Pride In Your Apparel

Alternative Clothing Stores

Punks hanging out on the Kings Road, London 1983














78 cropped-7.jpg 56 cropped-18.jpg 9

Up The Punx

The FIDLAR Band Review A Look Back At 2013 What A Year

The FIDLAR Band Review

The Skate Punk Band Making Waves Out Of California…

Fidlar B and B

“FIDLAR” is a skate punk band from Los Angeles, California. The band’s name is an acronym for ‘Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk’; a skate mantra created by singer Zac Carper’s former roommates. The members of FIDLAR were seemingly destined from birth to play in a band. Originally, FIDLAR went under the name ‘Fuck The Clock.’ Three years after recording their first songs they stepped on stage and out of the gate teamed up with The Black Lips’ and went on tour with The Hives, what kind of luck do these kids have?

Fidlar_025Elvis Kuehn (guitar/vocals) and Max Kuehn (drums) are the sons of Greg Kuehn, keyboardist for Long Beach punk legends T.S.O.L., while Zac Carper (vocals/guitar) is the son of famed custom surfboard crafter and designer to the pros, John “JC” Carper, who works out of his home based shop in Oahu Hawaii. Along with Brandon Schwartzel (of Rooney fame) on bass, the Kuehn brothers and Carper came together in 2009 to form their local garage/skate punk band known as FIDLAR.


Before long, the four members were cohabiting in a pad on Figueroa Street, rehearsing DIY garage style and recording on site their newest tunes, and throwing insane house parties every weekend. They soon became the talk of the L.A. underground punk scene and went on the road full-time, and haven’t looked back yet.


FIDLAR haven’t stopped touring since their early beginning performing local high school-house parties, when known as “Fuck The Clock” before 2009. FIDLAR is the band to keep an eye on now as they carry the torch, and continue to make news in the underground punk rock world, proving punks not dead in skateboarding, it’s very much alive. I haven’t gotten juiced up for a sk8 punk band since 1980’s band the ‘Faction.’


In their title song “Cheap Beer” lyrics say;

“Getting fucked up on the 101, shooting our guns and having fun, 40 beers later and a line of speed, eight-ball of blow and a half-a-pound of weed. (chorus) I drink cheap beer so what fuck you…”

In the song titled “Stoked and Broke,” lyrics say;

“I just want to get really high, smoke weed until I die, I don’t ever wanna get a job, if I fucked up today, hey nothings wrong. Get pissed up by the hills, cocaine and shitty pills, get head in a broken car, with the windows up and the lights turned off. There’s nothing wrong with living like this, all my friends are pieces of shit…

The band is constantly making references to weed, cocaine, girls, guns, surfing, skating, L.S.D, pills and having no money. The songs make perfect sense for a generation of young skaters who just don’t give a fuck. Before long I was singing some of the chorus’s while driving down the road…”Wake – Bake – Skate.” These guys make me feel 22 again.


FIDLAR Lineup:

Zac Carper – guitar, vocals
Brandon Schwartzel – bass
Elvis Kuehn – guitar, vocals
Max Kuehn – drums

Los Angeles, CA

White Iris





Taking Notice:

*In 2012, were named one of Stereogum’s ’40 Best New Bands of 2012′
*In the 2013 O Music Awards, FIDLAR were nominated within the ‘Best Web-Born Artist’ category.
*In 2013, AIM Independent Music Awards, hosted by Association of Independent Music (AIM), FIDLAR were nominated within the ‘Best Live Act’ category.

-Punk Monday